Five Possible Replacements For Britney on X Factor

Britney Spears is now at something of a Crossroads, having gotten fired from X Factor – and entertainment writers are feeling Lucky because it’s One More Time we get to throw together a ton of Britney Spears puns, even if they are pretty Toxic… Oops, we did it again.


No official word yet on who will replace Spears, but here’s our list of judges we’d like to see.

Lindsay Lohan

Maybe the problem with Britney Spears wasn’t that she was a notoriously unstable former child star with too much crazy to handle, it was that she was a notoriously unstable former child star with not enough crazy. Enter Lindsay Lohan: fresh from her jaw-dropping performance in Liz & Dick, she’d be sure to at least make X Factor pretty interesting.

“Weird Al” Yankovic

Let’s face it: Britney Spears’ bland delivery and lack of personality basically turned X Factor into a joke. So why not go all the way, with a music professional who’s supposed to be funny? We’d tune in to see Yankovic tell Simon Cowell to “Eat It.”


How can you go wrong with Adele? The super successful singer-songwriter seems to be everywhere these days, and this is another place we know she’d shine. We have a feeling that X Factor could use someone like her.

Paula Abdul

Sometimes it’s best to go back to the old-reliable crazy.

Mitt Romney

Okay, he may not be the most obvious candidate, but we know he’s looking for a new job, and he’s sure to bring in a new demographic of old white people. And though he doesn’t have a lot of musical background, we’ve all heard his masterful performance of America The Beautiful.