Broga Is The New Yoga For Dudes


A Massachusetts fitness instructor has invented a type of yoga technique that he says is tailored for guys who are turned off by the practice. Robert Sidoti, who created “Broga” in 2011, says it’s the next big thing in exercise.

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Sidoti tells NPR that he was inspired to create something to help his game.

First of all, [yoga’s] a great feeling. I played a lot of basketball, a lot of golf, it affected my flexibility in a real positive way, also the strength. I was able to hit the golf ball longer. I was able to play longer, my stamina was increased. So I just really fell in love with it.

Hell yeah, dude.


Robert Sidoti

Sidoti realized his circle of guy friends didn’t feel the same affinity for yoga, so he wanted to create a routine for real guys’ guys. Thus, Broga was born.

The practice blends traditional vinyasa yoga with “fuctional fitness” and “high-intensity interval training.” In the past four years, classes have popped up in gyms around the country.


The classes are described as non-judgmental, with none of that super-fem stuff like chanting or breathing through your third eye. Looking for Enya music to accompany your asanas? LOOK ELSEWHERE, DUDE.

“New Age yoga music is replaced with music from the likes of Radiohead or The Black Keys,” explains Mother Nature Network.


This sounds less like a form of Yoga and more like a “Masc only” Grindr profile.


At the very least, the Broga promo video is v. homoerotic. Watch it below.

Broga Instructor Training Sizzle from Broga® on Vimeo.

h/t: Gaily Grind