“Brokeback Mountain” Screenwriters Team Up For Heartbreaking Gay Film Based On True Story

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Diana Ossana and Larry McMurty, the writing duo who won the Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar for Brokeback Mountain, are gearing up for another gay drama.

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The story centers around the true story of Jadin Bell, a 15-year-old openly gay sophomore who committed suicide in 2013 after relentless bullying by classmates His grief-stricken father, Joe, embarked on a walk across the continental United States as a tribute to his son and to raise awareness of anti-LGBT bullying.

Halfway through his cross-country trek, though, Joe was struck and killed by a semi. (The driver was charged with reckless driving.)

joe & jadin

Joe and Jadin Bell

The tragic tale will be brought to the screen by Ossana and McMurty, and directed by True Detective executive producer Cary Fukunaga.

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We’re already emotionally preparing ourselves.


h/t: Queerty