Brooke Hogan's Gay BFF Glenn Douglas Packard Talks Coming Out, Hogan Drama & His Hot Boyfriend

Well hello there Mr. Tricep…er Bicep…er…Glenn

Brooke Knows Best star and resident gay Glenn Douglas Packard answered a few of our questions about what’s coming this season on the show (which just debuted this past week) and even opened up about being gay in the public eye. Glenn, who grew up on a farm in Michigan, told us about his family’s reactions, his hot new boyfriend, and reveals some shocking secrets, like the fact that he was once engaged…to a woman!

What can we expect from the new season of Brooke Knows Best? I hear there’s some news about you coming out to your family?
With mine and Brooke’s family drama, you’re going to see a lot of tears this year. My family watched last season as I came out to not just a nation but around the world…And it’s hard on them to adjust to the fact that their son is now Glenn the Gay Guy on TV. So I bring the cameras and crew back to where it all started for me, where I grew up on the farm…Clare, Michigan. A place where when I was last there I was engaged to a woman…We deal with how they have been handling the whole situation, and on top of that I bring home my new boyfriend for the first time.

Glenn pipes in about jocks, twinks, and sugar daddies after the jump!

What was that like with the cameras there?
Well for me it was really an amazing moment in my life, to be able to have all my worlds come together: ’my career’, ’my family’, and ’my lifestyle’….it never has happened before in my life, and it really is that way for a lot of other gay & lesbians out there….you know who you are, those ones that are always having to de-gay your house, or pretending your hot girlfriend (fag-hag) is the girl you’re playing ’just the TIP with!’ So for me it was a moment I will never forget. My parents on the other hand could give a rats ass about the cameras and the Hogans; they love their son, and they were willing to open their home and world to the TV viewing eye.

Even best friends want to take a bite out of each other from time to time.

How did you and Brooke first meet and how did you become her choreographer?
That crazy bastard, Lou Pearlman actually! I know crazy, but true. I was in one of his boy bands in 2002, right after I received the Emmy nomination for Best Choreography in Michael Jackson’s 30th Anniversary Special. Lou saw me on stage and thought I was the perfect ’meat,’ I mean man for a group he was putting together. I was in Orlando working on the group, when in walks Hulk Hogan with his 13 year old daughter Brooke. He pulled me aside and said “you need to let me know if my daughter has what it takes to be in this music business!” So after a day of working with her, making her dance, and perform, then dance & perform some more, I went up to Hulk and said “One thing is for sure, she has your drive and determination, and that’s half the battle in this business!” The rest led me to here!

What’s it been like dealing with all the Hogan drama?
You know, it’s hard to see a friend go through something like this, and in the public eye! Her father’s sleeping with her best friend, her mother’s dating a party animal, and then on top of that all the things that come along when two people who loved each other, start going at each others throats and you have kids in the middle…It’s hard to see that happening to someone you genuinely care about and see go through the ringer.

Is Hulk as intimidating as they portray him to be?
Nope not at all, he and I are buddies. We have had some really serious talks about love, family, he gives me great advice about the business & we have talked about his daughter. He is a smart man, a business man, a family man and that he is human and has made some mistakes. He is ready for his next chapters. And the next chapters look pretty good….Hello, he is dating a hot mama right now, Jennifer!

Has being on TV affected your sex life?

Oh hell yes, I’m like the Brad Pitt of Gay List …I get all them now; can we say “HOLY” JOCK GUYS, GYM BUNNIES, TWINKS with the BIG (eyes), SUGAR DADDIES, the PAPI’s, & of course the BLACK BOYS! lol But on a serious note…have you seen my new boyfriend…..ummmm…one word….LICK!

Glenn and Mr. Lickable make quite a cute couple I must admit.

Do you ever do anything and dread that it’s going to be aired?
No, those are all in my own VERY personal video library.

Do you ever get recognized while you’re out in public?
Yes, I do and I love talking to people, so it’s really nice to have a conversation with someone who watches the show, and is a big fan. I will always stop for a photo, or sign something, being around stars my whole career and seeing some of the artist push a fan aside or say NO, always bothered me. So I told myself if I was ever in that position I would never become that, and never take it for granted. It makes me actually very proud and happy, and I want to actually spread excessive happiness! (big SMILE)

Glenn and his man get their Brokeback on.

If you could be on any other reality TV show, which one would it be?
Yeah, well before “I’m a Celebrity….Get me out of HERE!” I wanted to do ’Amazing Race.’ I love a great adventure and traveling the world, what a rush that would be. But after watching that first week of “I.A.C.G.M.O.O.H!” I want to go on the show, so I can just walk up to Spencer Pratt and bunch him in the nose & watch him cry like a little girl, and say “God”, sent me a message to tell you to “Stop being a “Dumb Ass!”…. Does he really need to be a celebrity, Nation???!!!!! Why!! lol

Do you still get star struck when you see other celebrities?<
Still? Does that mean I used to? lol Actually being a choreographer to some of the biggest names in the industry never had me in awe over them, when everyone else was taking a snapshot or getting autographs, I was working on making them look good and focusing on making the show a hit!

You can catch Season 2 of Brooke Knows Best Sundays 10pm EST on VH-1.