“Brothers & Sisters” Episode 202 Recap: “An American Family”

Previously on Brothers and Sisters

First up, a quick clip of Nora, frantic on the phone.

Nora: It’s been 21 days and I haven’t heard a thing from him.

Let’s hope she’s talking about Justin. Otherwise, someone needs to get the woman a copy of He’s Just Not That Into You.

Next up we are treated to a quick shot of Jason breaking some bad news to Kevin.

Kevin: What were you doing with the Bishop so long?
Jason: He’s sending me on a mission to Malaysia.

Probably to pick up some more of those collarless granddad shirts. They must have an old-timey garment factory down there or something.

Then we cut to a shot of Kitty and Robert on a hotel bed somewhere. He wants to get romantic, but “kvetch” is the only leisure time activity she ever seems to be interested in these days.

Kitty: The minute the press found out that we were engaged I went from being a key player in your administration to your fiancée.

Oh come now, Kitty. Were you ever really a “key” player? And if you’d like to be a key player to McAllister in the future, it might grease the wheels a bit if you actually put out once in awhile.

The “previously” montage closes with a clip of that fateful kiss between Rebecca and Joe from last season. Rebecca still hasn’t told Sarah that she’s the one that instigated the kiss. Looks like the little homewrecker might actually come clean in this episode. Ooh, this could be good.

The episode now begins in earnest. And when I say earnest, I mean that literally. We are at a military funeral. A trumpeter is playing a dirge-like taps while a coffin draped with an American flag is being lowered into the ground. Either that or they’ve finally gotten around to dismantling the old Red, White & Blue talk show set, and they’re burying that atrocious daybed that used to be in Kitty’s dressing room.

No, it’s an actual funeral. Marines in dress uniform fire off a 21-gun salute. Meanwhile, on the golf course just over the hill 21 golfers keel over from friendly fire. Fore! That’s what you get for opening up a country club next to a military cemetery.

We see Senator McAllister and, next to him, a tearful Kitty blubbering fitfully. Girlfriend really needs to comb her hair.

The marines solemnly fold up the flag into a tight triangle and hand it to a woman. Her face is obscured, but from the angle we’re looking at it could easily be Momma Nora. Is this Justin’s funeral? Or is it simply a clever ratings stunt designed for the previews to make you think they’ve killed off Justin?

Well call me relieved. Turns out Senator McAllister and Kitty are attending a random soldier’s funeral. Funeral crashers! As their security detail frisks the grieving widow, McAllister comforts Kitty, who is all upset because they still don’t know exactly where Justin is, or when he’s coming home.

Imagine my shock when McAllister pipes up with “Good news honey – he’s landing in San Diego in an hour.”

Okay, it’s like a 16 hour flight from Baghdad. Seems like he could have told Kitty, Nora, et. al. this blessed news 14 hours ago. At least. Is the Senator a sadist?

Cut to the Walker mansion where Nora and Uncle Saul are expending their nervous energy baking bread. Nora isn’t kneading the dough so much as pummeling it. The phone rings. It’s Kitty who tells Nora they can go pick up Justin in San Diego tomorrow.

Across town, Kevin is at Sarah’s trying to open a jammed window. Now that househusband has flown the coop, Sarah needs some help around the house. Kevin is grunting and groaning while trying to unstick that window and gotta say, dude looks mighty fine in his Dockers. He must be doing his squats at the gym.


Kevin: This window’s stuck. I can’t get it open
Sarah: No, no, wait. I want you to try again, but this time imagine your adorable Reverend Jason all hot and sweaty from the jungles of Malaysia. And you have promised to be true to him, which means you won’t have sex for months and months and months….

(Disappointing for gay fans of the show, but probably a major relief for the network censors.) With a massive grunt, the window comes unstuck.

Kevin: Great. The butchest moment of my life wasted on my sister.

Too bad. You know Kevin, I’ve got a stuck window at my house….

They plop down on the couch and Sarah asks Kevin if he’ll represent her in her divorce. He tells her she and Joe need to slow things down.

Both their cell phones ring. Looks like Kitty and Nora have started the Walker family phone tree to get the word out that Justin’s on his way home.

Cut to Tommy and Julia’s house. Tommy is on the phone with Kitty. He tells her that Nora shouldn’t be driving down to San Diego by herself. He volunteers to take her but just then mopey Julia walks in with baby cabbage and gives him a look like, “You ain’t going nowhere, mister.” Tommy apologizes and suggests that maybe Kevin drive Nora.

Cut to the Walker mansion. Nora is packing clothes when Rebecca rushes in all excited because she’s heard that Justin is coming home. Nora holds up a shirt and asks if it's one of Justin’s favorites. Rebecca assures her that Justin wears that “I’m with Stupid” t-shirt all the time.

Nora then starts yammering on about something called “Our Hero Handbook” which is an advice book for families of injured vets – what to do with them when they come home. I’ve never heard of such a thing, but obviously it must be very useful to families of injured vets.

Side note: I’m starting to think this episode could be a one-hour public service announcement for families of soldiers fighting in Iraq. The show has its heart in the right place, but curse them, it sure makes it hard to write a snarky recap. I could pull my punches in deference to the seriousness of the subject matter. Or go on about my evil business and make fun of every little thing in the episode – and risk being branded heartless and unpatriotic in the process. I’m going to go ahead and be snotty, but in case I forget later, hat tip to B&S for giving viewers a not-over-the-top drama that a lot of people are actually going through right now.

Nora tells Rebecca that everyone in the family but Sarah is driving down to San Diego in a rented van. Rebecca gets a distressed look on her face. I know. Minivan. San Diego. That’s only fun during fleet week. Rebecca begs off. She has “to take care of something” before Justin gets back.

Looks like she finally plans on coming clean to Sarah. If I were her I’d be really scared. Sarah seems like a bruiser to me, and Rebecca is responsible for breaking up her marriage. Me, I’m imagining some hair pulling, cat-scratching, possibly even a swirly.

Cut to McAllister’s Los Angeles office. (Does the Senator ever actually go to Washington, D.C.?) He’s meeting with his campaign manager, Travis. Travis is some sort of barracuda apparently – cut from the Karl Rove/Lee Atwater cloth. The man is not happy with the Senator for wasting the entire morning at a cemetery.

McAllister: It was a funeral. What do you want me to do?

Here’s an idea: Stop showing up at random people’s gravesites. That grieving mother’s bewildered expression might have had something to do with your presence there. Let’s hope at least she votes Republican.

Travis tells McAllister he’s spending too much time at funerals.

Travis: We want to project optimism and hope. You have to distance yourself from this war.

Enter winsome Kitty who’s all tra la la., “I’m going to see my family.”

It is clear Travis doesn’t much care for Kitty. He gives her grief about not participating enough in the campaign. Kitty’s not going to stand for being lectured by the likes of Travis. I mean, he’s nothing but a day player after all! So she promptly drags out her soap box (which Flockhart had shipped over from the set of Ally McBeal.)

Kitty: Travis, I get that Robert’s campaign might need at least one mercenary who is absent a soul. I just wish that mercenary was less predictable and charmless. It so damages what little credibility you have. Maybe you should go home one night and tuck your children in. You know. Before you ever dare call me irresponsible again. Ta Ta.

At that, Kitty scoops up her soapbox (she’s going to need it on the ride down to San Diego) and exits with a dramatic flourish.

McAllister has a bemused smile. Though why he should be bemused is beyond me. Did you not just hear the woman? She actually said “Ta ta!”

Cut to later in the minivan. Kevin is driving, Kitty is riding shotgun, and Momma Nora is passing out the beef jerky they just bought from a convenience store. Better lay off the jerky folks. It’s a long drive to San Diego, and that stuff will give you serious gas.

Nora: Will you please drive faster? You’re driving like somebody’s grandmother.
Kevin: Somebody’s hot grandmother. Did you notice that mechanic back there was cruising me?
Nora: You guys never look at each other. You’re always cruising.

Cut to Tommy’s house. Sad sack Julia walks in and complains that she smells something burning. Maybe Tommy’s gotten into the beef jerky too. Nope, turns out Tommy forgot to put water in the baby’s bottle sterilizer and “kind of melted it.” Julia gets all pissy. Boy, is it just me or are they are going out of their way to make Julia seem like a total raving byeotch these days? I guess they are in a hurry to get Tommy involved with someone else. The question is, who will he cheat with?

We cut across town to the Walker mansion where Rebecca, who has the house to herself at the moment, is giving her cute, blond friend “Lena” a tour.

At first I’m confused. Who is this new Lena person and why is she being introduced? Is she a good witch or a bad witch? But then she mentions that she’s desperate for a job, and Rebecca suggests she interview for the office manager position at Holly and Tommy’s winery. Looks like Lena might be Tommy’s new love interest. As for the job interview – something tells me she’s got the inside track

Cut to the road trip. The minivan only gets AM stations apparently because they are listening to a conservative radio talk show. The host, Luther Reeves, is talking about Senator McAllister’s presidential campaign, and he starts insulting the Senator’s future in-laws.

Luther: No no, I’m sorry but I draw the line at those brothers doing the gay fandango in the Lincoln bedroom.

The gay fandango? What is that? Never heard of it, but wondering if they have a class for it at Arthur Murray.

Everyone in the car is outraged and Nora and Kevin want to call in immediately to the talk show, but Kitty wrestles the phone away from them. She’s going to handle this herself. (Thank goodness she brought that soapbox along for the trip.)

Cut to an outdoor café. The one everyone in this family uses to give and receive bad news. Call it the Bad News Café. Today, Sarah’s the one to stop by for the blue plate special. She’s there to meet Joe to give him his mail.

She finds him scribbling away in his journal. He says he’s “working on some lyrics,” but my guess is he’s devising a list of marital property and calculating how much alimony he might be eligible for.

Sarah asks if maybe they are moving too fast towards divorce. They owe it to themselves to ”take some time.” Then she notices he’s not wearing his wedding ring. He tells her he’s been seeing his ex-wife, Paula.

Well look on the bright side Sarah, maybe when the thing with Paula peters out he’ll come back to you. The man likes to double-dip apparently.

Sarah: I loved you Joe. I really loved you. But you could never love yourself. If I’d known that I wouldn’t have wasted my time.
Joe: It is exactly because I do love myself that I’m admitting this relationship is over. I’m sorry if you think it was a waste of time.

Joe marches off, conveniently sticking Sarah with the check for lunch.

Cut back to the highway road side. Uh, you take the 405 freeway south from LA to get to San Diego. Whatever picturesque strip of roadside they’re on right now, I can tell you it’s definitely not the 405.

Kevin has parked the minivan and Kitty is out on the road talking to Luther Reeves (think Rush Limbaugh sans the vicodin slur.)

Luther: The American people are entitled to know that the Lincoln bedroom might well be used for sexual acts forbidden in the bible.

Kevin grabs the phone away from Kitty.

Kevin: It wouldn’t be the first time.
Luther: What was that? Did you just say Abraham Lincoln was gay?

Nora gets in on the act at this point and grabs the phone.

Nora: Just pick up a recent history book Luther, if you can read!
Luther: Well there you go America. The McAllister campaign thinks Abe Lincoln was gay.
Kitty: You’ve twisted everything I’ve said. You and the lunatic fringe that listen to this drivel have ruined the country and subverted conservatism into the ideology of hate. (Hangs up. Gets off soap box.)

Uh oh. When McAllister gets wind of this Kitty’s going to have some 'splainin to do.

Almost on cue Kitty’s cell phone rings.

Cut to McAllister’s private jet/traveling tanning salon. And he is mightily peeved.

McAllister: You gave him our heads. We’ll be sucking up to Democrats for the next eight years.

And that’s a real shame because I was looking forward to a scene next year with Jason and Kevin actually ensconced in the Lincoln bedroom. Not having sex mind you, just checking the comforter for bodily fluids like they do on CSI – with an ultraviolet light.

Kitty: Did you hear what Luther Reeves was saying?
McAllister: I don’t care what he was saying. I care what you were saying. You called Abe Lincoln a homosexual.
Kitty: Technically that was Kevin. But what if he were? Would you simply dismiss his presidency?

You tell him Kitty. Lincoln’s sharing a bed with a male companion is no big deal. Hardly on the same order as, say, mentioning Warren G. Harding and those scandalous things he did with a teapot dome. Oh, to be a fly on the wall when Prez Harding was in the hospital emergency room trying to explain that one: “Clutzy me. I was touring the White House china room, tripped over a gravy boat, and landed in Dolly Madison’s tea service!”

Kitty tells McAllister to calm down. She knows she’s made a mess, but she’ll fix it. After they hang up, Travis the heartless campaign manager pulls the Senator aside.

Travis: Man to man. Is there any chance you can get out of this wedding?
McAllister: (clearly thinking about it). No. I’m madly in love with her.

Cut to Tommy’s office. He’s interviewing Rebecca’s pretty blond friend, Lena.

Tommy: Well, let’s see here, old friend of Rebecca’s, Holly gave you a glowing recommendation, hey that’s good enough for me.

Oh for goodness sake. Charles Manson could get past Tommy’s employee screening process. Maybe Tommy’s just taken in by her fetching blond hair and winning smile. Me, I’m not so quickly sold on this new Lena character.

Enter Saul, who is showing off a welcome home present he got for Justin. It’s a vintage Bakelite checker set. Ooh fancy. Uncle Saul is particularly lighthearted in this scene and talks about how he used to spoil his nieces and nephews with fancy restaurant dinners. Lena assumes he is gay and tries to fix him up with someone “handsome and completely age appropriate.”

Wow, that was hugely presumptuous of the girl. For all she knows, Uncle Saul is a total chicken hawk and, in his case, age-appropriate would be 22 or so. But as for reading him as gay – girlfriend hit a bullseye. This Lena’s a truth-teller. I think I like her already.

Tommy: Lena, my uncle is not gay.
Saul: Oh, please, I’m flattered. I also love opera and mid-century furniture. And the great irony of my life is that I love women as well.

Just not to sleep with.

Cut across the hall to Sarah’s office. Rebecca is there waiting for her and asks if she’s met with Joe yet. Sarah says she has, but she doesn’t want to talk about it.

Rebecca: The thing is, I kind of wanted to talk to you about Joe and the kiss.
Sarah: Oh, please we are so past that.
Rebecca: Yeah, I know but it’s because I kissed him back. It wasn’t just him. I may have even led him on a little bit.

Okay, I’m waiting for Sarah to leap across the table and throttle Rebecca. Now would be a good time for a serious ass-whooping. But Sarah just groans and rolls her eyes.

Rebecca: I’m so sorry, Sarah. I talked to Justin about it and I wanted to tell you and I promised him I’d tell you before he got back. And, I don’t know. I thought it could make a difference.
Sarah: It might have made a difference if you’d told me then. Now you’re just telling me to make yourself feel better which is the worst kind of selfishness.

Just then Holly walks in. She’s wearing some sort of periwinkle blue crocheted breast cozy. Thank goodness, because I was starting to think there’d be absolutely nothing in this episode to make fun of. Yay Holly! You and your breast cozy are taking one for the team.

Holly asks what’s going on.

Sarah: Apparently your dear deflowered little girl would’ve screwed my husband in a heartbeat. You two deserve each other.
Holly: Oh, really. Well maybe you got what you deserved too.

Cut to the San Diego army hospital where Nora, Kitty and Kevin are trying to get past someone who looks very much like Tempest Bledsoe from The Cosby Show. If you were wondering whatever happened to Vanessa Huxtable, apparently she’s working in a San Diego veterans hospital. Also, she’s wearing combat fatigues, which seems a bit like overkill for a hospital reception desk. Still, things can get a little hairy dealing with stressed out mothers like Nora.

Nora is pounding the desk asking for Upper G.I. Jane to hurry printing out their visitor badges. Kitty, Kevin and Nora finally get their badges and you’d think now they’d be rushing to get to Justin’s room, but somber music starts on the soundtrack (either that or they pipe it in over the hospital P.A. system: “Paging Nurse Mandeville. Code blue in emergency room three. And now for your enjoyment, selections from George Winston’s December.”)

We get a long shot of Nora, Kevin and Kitty walking slowly down the corridor and, uh, did Kevin change clothes or something? Now he’s wearing this kicky short-sleeved number, probably from Club Monaco or French Connection. Looks way too trendy on him. Hate to say it, but the man looks much hotter in Dockers and oxford button downs.

But I really shouldn’t be marring this very touching scene by commenting on Kevin’s club kid outfit. The focus here is on Nora’s reaction. She sees a gurney go past with some poor kids amputated parts on it and steels herself for what she might find behind the door to Justin’s hospital room.

They peek in the window and spy Justin splayed out in a vast hospital room. What is this, an army hospital or a suite at the Four Seasons?

We see Justin. His foot is up in a stirrup. Either his leg is in traction, or he’s just about to get a gynecological exam. He waves them in.

They all hug, and Kevin starts getting weepy.

Justin: Don’t cry bro, or you’ll make them right about gays in the military.

Justin looks pretty banged up. Usually for hospital scenes they put a smudge on somebody’s cheek to indicate that they’ve had a life threatening injury, but the makeup artist on this show has done a pretty realistic job of making Justin look injured. Or maybe Dave Annable is just a consummate method actor and dragged his mug across five miles of bad road. Either way, the effect is pretty startling. He has an enormous, oozy red scab on his forehead and a bunch of other scabs and burns on his face and neck.

Something seems “off” with Justin, and it’s not just the burns and bruises. Before, Justin was always capable of that “hit by a two by four” expression – with his forehead all contorted in shocked surprise. But now he just looks really stoic. His face like a mask. Maybe his impassive visage indicates the war has changed him. Or maybe he just got some bad botox. Either way, something’s different.

Cut to the hospital waiting room. Nora is reading from that Hero’s Handbook thing again. The doctor walks up and tells them he’s signing Justin’s release papers. He can go home tomorrow. The doc warns them that Justin has refused painkillers. When the epidural they gave him wears off he’s going to be in a lot of pain.

Cut to the Walker mansion where Tommy has just built a wheelchair ramp for Justin.

Sarah: This is perfect! You’ve saved the day.

It would be perfect, only Tommy has built it in the front foyer facing the wrong way – so instead of being a wheelchair ramp, it’s more of a wheelchair barricade.

Still, Sarah fawns over his efforts. No doubt they can put the thing where it belongs later. Tommy kisses his big sis on the cheek.

Sarah: What was that for?
Tommy: It’s been awhile since anyone said anything that nice to me.

Paige and Cooper come racing in with “Welcome Home” posters for Justin. Sarah can’t get over how good the posters look. Surely the kids had help. My guess? Off camera, there’s an underpaid production assistant passed out from all the Sharpie fumes.

Househusband Joe walks in with a bunch of helium balloons. Tommy takes them off Joe’s hands and ushers the kids away to give their parents a chance to talk.

Tommy: Let’s set these up guys. Justin’s gonna love them.

Did Tommy and the kids go upstairs? I think they did. Oh, that’s right. Put the balloons, posters and gifty items on the second floor where Justin, in his wheelchair can most enjoy them.

Sarah (to Joe): Thank you for the posters and the balloons. That was sweet.
Joe: We’re still family.

Speaking of family, who should walk in just then but Rebecca. She’s nose to nose with Joe at the door. Oh awkward.

Cut to the driveway. The rented minivan pulls up and Nora tells Kitty to go inside and tell everyone to calm down

Nora: The last thing Justin needs right now is a lot of excitement.
Kevin: Mom, he’s hurt his leg. He doesn’t have the vapors.

Er, actually, he’s been eating beef jerky all the way from San Diego. Trust me, he has the vapors.

Kevin hops out and Nora and Justin are alone in the car. She asks if he’s all right.

He nods.

Sarah: Let’s just get you in there, okay?

Kevin has pulled the wheelchair out of the trunk, but Justin grabs his crutches. He wants to walk inside on his own. What an idiot. Take the free ride, Justin. It would be so different if you were contemplating being stuck in a wheelchair for the rest of your life, but seeing as how you’ll be up and around in two weeks, I say let someone push you around in a comfy chair for awhile.

Cut to later. Justin is propped up on the couch looking at pictures of baby cabbage on Tommy’s cell phone.

Justin: I think you emailed me these like two weeks ago.

Oh yeah? If you had access to email two weeks ago, why didn’t you touch base with your mom? She was frantic.

They bring Justin a big plate of food, but he has trouble eating. Paige and Cooper just stare at him like dogs begging for food and the rest of the family hovers around incessantly.

Justin: I don’t think I’m going to be able to eat with everyone staring.

See, I totally don’t get Justin’s inner conflict or whatever it is. Me, I like to be the center of attention. I think I would make the perfect invalid. Give me a Rascal and everyone’s devoted interest and I’d be in hog heaven. Justin acts like it's some sort of burden. Inevitably, he butts heads with Nora.

Nora: Sweetheart, you’re home now. You have to admit you’re hurt. Let me take care of you.
Justin: You wanna take care of me? Then back off Mom!

Nora wanders into the kitchen. She’s all dejected because everything she does to try and help seems to infuriate Justin.

Nora: God, I was afraid this was going to happen. He’s not the same boy I said goodbye to four months ago.
Kitty: He couldn’t be. It’s not possible. You’ll just have to be patient.

Suddenly there’s pounding on the back door. It’s Senator McAllister. Kitty gets all scared because she hasn’t done anything about that Luther Reeves public relations fiasco. But what exactly is she going to do? Put out a contract on the man?

McAllister enters the kitchen, but before he can get a word out Kitty is making excuses for not yet having resolved the Luther Reeves “imbroglio.”

Justin wheels in to explain that he was the one that invited McAllister.

Cut to later. Justin is having a private chat with McAllister.

McAllister: How’s the leg? You’re in pain.
Justin: Not right now. I wish I were. Might distract me. I just feel like I’m crawling out of my skin.

Justin asks if McAllister is still marrying his sister. McAllister assures him the wedding is still on.

Justin: I know Kitty’s kinda stoked about being a McAllister, but I’m kinda glad you’re gonna become a Walker.

Aww, seems like the beginning of a budding “bromance”

Cut to the next morning in the kitchen. McAllister is still there. (His tanning appointment is not until 12:30, apparently.) In walks Kitty. She’s booked him on the Luther Reeves show later today. This is her attempt to resolve the “imbroglio?” With fiancées like these, who needs enemies?

Both McAllister and Nora think going on the radio talk show is a bad idea. McAllister thinks they should be trying to get off Luther Reeve’s radar – not finding ways to stay on it. Kitty explains that Luther has started a movement to have angry conservative voters throw Lincoln pennies at the McAllister campaign bus as it passes by. Oh, if only they’d said Ben Franklin was gay. He’s on the hundred, right?

McAllister reluctantly agrees to the radio interview.

Cut to Holly’s house. Looks like Rebecca has moved back in. Couldn’t take the heat over at the Walker mansion now that Sarah is giving her the stink eye.

Holly enters and asks her despondent daughter what’s eating her.

Rebecca: I let everyone believe Joe was a lecherous old man. I got what I deserved.
Holly: Oh, please, that marriage was already beyond repair.
Rebecca: Mom, why do you do that? Why do you let me off the hook like that?
Holly: Because who am I to judge you.?

That’s right, Holly. People in gunnysacks shouldn’t throw stones. Who dresses you? First the periwinkle breast cozy, and now this ill fitting sack cloth dress? Holly’s two for two this week.

Cut to the Luther Reeves show. We are live, and Luther is interviewing the Senator.

Luther: Were you as shocked as I was when your fiancée accused honest Abe of being a gay?
McAllister: I was shocked by a lot of things that were said that day. If you think that I came on here today to distance myself from Kitty or her liberal mother, or her gay brother or my gay brother for that matter, well Luther you have got to be nuts.

In the sound booth, Kitty listens in approvingly. Behind her, barracuda campaign manager Travis throws a silent hissy fit.

Luther: Well, that’s disappointing, because I believe America is looking for a leader to stand up for what’s right and to point out what’s wrong.
McAllister: And I think America is looking for somebody who knows the difference. And the only way to do that is by listening. Not antagonizing. My future in-laws are very different from me. And very different from each other. So they are by definition my greatest asset. Because they remind me that we are all part of a larger American family. And that no one is irrelevant. And no one should be ignored. And Luther, I think the bigger question is not why I feel a part of them. But why you don’t.

Aww. That was heartwarming. This episode – this series – can be a little preachy sometimes. But you’ve got to hand it to them – they deal with much larger issues than most television dramas. And sometimes it really works.

Cut to outside. Kitty is giving McAllister some Monday morning coaching on his performance, which seems a little odd considering how artfully he handled the interview. Maybe she’s kidding. They head to the limo and Travis is there waiting for them. He’s speechless. Obviously he's not happy with how the interview turned out.

McAllister: (to Travis) Oh, by the way. My answer to the earlier question? “When soldiers stop dying.”

Travis has forgotten what the earlier question was. (Me too.) McAllister reminds him that he’d asked when they would stop going to funerals.

Cut to later that night. Nora is heading up the stairs to hit the sack but she hears some whimpering coming from Justin’s room. She goes to check on him and finds Justin on the bed writhing in agony.

Nora: The nerve block, it wore off. Sweetheart, you have to take something for the pain.
Justin: I can’t.

Poor Justin. I understand how a former drug addict might want to avoid taking painkillers – but without them his recovery is going to be a rocky road. If I were Nora I might be tempted to slip a little something in his oatmeal.

Episode 202 grade: A-

Brothers & Sisters returns next Sunday, October 14th.