Bruce Jenner Wants To Become A Woman According To Crazy “Star” Cover Story


Ever Wednesday we look forward to the wild and crazy things we will find in the weeklies, but nothing has ever come close to this week’s cover of Star, which claims that Bruce Jenner wants to become a woman, a secret Kris Jenner is threatening to expose.

This is a real thing being reported by a sorta magazine.

Among the dark secrets? He has more dresses than Kim Kardashian! Oh, and also, Kris feels like she never should have divorced her first husband Robert Kardashian. We’re unsure how that tidbit fits into the whole narrative to be honest.

We can’t really tell you more as we refuse to read this story, as we fear it will be horribly transphobic, but if you do check it out, feel free to tell us what you learned.

We do have to say though, well done Star photo editor.