Bob The Drag Queen Has Some Dating Tips In New Outtakes From “Brunch With Tiffany”

"Everyone in New York is gay, so get out of this goddamn town and maybe you'll get a husband."

Tiffany “New York” Pollard is back with a new VH1 web series, Brunch with Tiffany, where the self-proclaimed H.B.I.C. invites celebrity pals to a swanky mimosa-fueled meal in Manhattan!

Pollard has some colorful conversations with her guests such as Real Housewives of New York star Sonja Morgan, veteran actress Sheryl Lee Ralph and Bob the Drag Queen. Now you get to see what was left on the cutting room floor with a new compilation of outtakes from New York’s mimosa-fuled chats.

Watch as Pollard relates with Morgan over dating “the wrong breed of men” and listen as Bob the Drag Queen delivers some tips for Pollard’s husband hunt: “Well, first of all, everyone in New York is gay, so get out of this goddamn town and maybe you’ll get a husband.”

We hope Pollard was taking notes.

During her brunch with Sheryl Lee Ralph, Pollard can’t understand why the original Dreamgirls star wasn’t offered at least a cameo in the film version of the musical—with Pollard even retroactively offering sexual favors to anyone who could have made Ralph’s cameo a reality.

It’s amazing how all of these pros handle Pollard’s outbursts with class and patience. We wish all of our brunches were this much fun.

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