Man Beaten With Hockey Stick At Buenos Aires Pride

But a witness dressed in leather came to the rescue.

Juan Victor González was celebrating at the Buenos Aires Pride parade in Argentina on Saturday, November 18, when he was suddenly attacked by three men with a hockey stick.

According to Gay Star News as “the attendees marched down Montevideo Street, three men left a house where they had been reportedly squatting.”

Agencia Presentes

One of the men approached Gonzalez and hit him over the head with a hockey stick. He later woke up at a hospital and received seven stitches on his head after suffering a concussion.

“A guy came up and beat him,” Diego L, a witness and photographer told Agencia Presentes. “As soon as they saw me taking pictures, they tried to go after me.”

But the other Pride attendees were not having it.

Right after the attack a crowd of about 30 people began yelling at the trio of attackers and taking pictures of them. One of the witnesses claimed a man “fully dressed in leather approached the man and snapped the hockey stick in two.”

This is just the latest instance of a hate crime at a Pride event this year. In August skinheads attacked St. Petersburg Pride with pepper spray and in September two lesbians were stabbed and beaten on their way to Dallas Pride.

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