“Call Me a F*g One More Time”: Bullied Teen’s Slap Goes Viral

"Don't let one word define who you are."

Jordan Steffy had had it. Officially.

The teen went viral this weekend with video posted Friday of a recent altercation he had with another student in the classroom. Two separate clips shot by bystanders show Jordan defending himself against a bully who repeatedly calls him “faggot.”

“Call me a fag one more fucking time and I’m gonna pop your ass,” Jordan tells the other teen boy. And he did, with an angry slap that, at the time of writing, has been retweeted 20,000 times from his account alone. “I’m motherfuckin’ done with you.”

When the fight escalates further, an adult supervisor finally steps in. No students can be seen or heard coming to Jordan’s defense during the altercation, which reportedly took place at a high school in La Porte, Indiana.

Many people, particularly in the LGBTQ community, have reached out on social media to encourage Jordan and praise his actions. “I really can’t believe people actually are around to tell me that it was ok to stick up for myself,” he tweeted. “I honestly can’t thank people enough for all the support.”

“I honestly was just looking for an apology but he acted like it was no big deal and that has been the word to define me since 2nd grade,” he explained. “I don’t fight really… I wanted him and others to know I was done with the constant hating comments that were made towards me constantly.”

Jordan wrote that both he and the other student were suspended for fighting. He said that while his mother, who now plans to homeschool him, “does not condone fighting,” she supports his right to stick up for himself and others.

“I am taking it as a lesson to not be anyone’s doormat and to leave your shoes at the door.”

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Jordan also responded to new Twitter followers calling him a “hero” or “king” for not backing down against his bully: “I can’t be found any better than any person just because I stuck up for myself. I want other kids who are going through the same thing day in to day out from friends, classmates, random people to stick up for themselves and to better them for them and to have confidence.”

His Twitter bio says it best: “Don’t let one word define who you are.”

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