‘Cabaret’ Gets Facelift, Still Much Better Than ‘Les Miserables’


Once upon a time, there was a movie musical centered around a major war with legendary performances and unforgettable music that thankfully had nothing to do with Anne Hathaway or Tom Hooper. Cabaret, Bob Fosse’s masterpiece, won over audiences and critics alike and remains one of the greatest movie musicals ever made.

Fun Fact: Cabaret holds the record for most Academy Award wins (8) without winning Best Picture. They lost to ’The Godfather’ in 1973.

Forty years later, the creative people at Warner Brothers are releasing a brand new cut of Cabaret. Years ago, somebody destroyed an entire reel of the film when they tried to clean it. After failing to digitally correct the reel, Warner Brothers was forced to repair over 1.4 million frames one at a time. It took a really long time, but now it’s done and they’re releasing the brand new, restored cut on Blu-Ray & DVD today!

NewNowNext got the chance to meet most of the original cast at a cute press event, except for Liza who sat this one out. While we were dying to know which member of One Direction Michael York thinks is the cutest or if Joel Grey is watching RuPaul’s Drag Race, we resisted and politely listened while these amazing talents regaled us with tales of their glory days.

Things we learned:

1. Marisa Berenson has really pretty jewelry. Like, really pretty.
2. Louise Quick could not actually see out of that gorilla suit, which is terrifying.
3. Michael York takes lemon with his tea.
4. Joel Grey keeps his Oscar by the window in his home office. It gets drafty in there, so he puts a little sweater on him when it’s cold.
5. Bob Fosse was the coolest, most rock-n-roll dancer/ choreographer/ director there ever was.

You can buy the Special 40th Anniversary home video release of Cabaret on Blu-Ray & DVD today.

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