Caitlyn Jenner And Greg Louganis Reunite, Praise Each Other At Point Foundation Gala

The Olympic heroes mentioned each other in speeches, commending their efforts to break through stigma.

Olympic legends Caitlyn Jenner and Greg Louganis were reunited at The Point Foundation gala in Los Angeles Saturday, marking their first time together since Caitlyn’s big June debut.

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Speaking to the audience, Louganis reminisced about the days the two spent together before their respective coming outs. They first met at the 1976 Olympics in Montreal, decades before Louganis came out as gay in 1988 and later as HIV-positive in 1995.

“We remained friends and traveled together on speaking tours for the next two decades [after the ’76 Olympcis],” Louganis told the audience. “The last time we saw each other was about 18 months ago in Malibu. But it wasn’t until tonight that I had the pleasure of meeting the incredible woman she is today — and she’s just as strong, courageous, tenacious, smart and beautiful as ever.”

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Jenner also took the podium to deliver her second public speech since behind honored at the ESPY awards in July.

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“A standing ovation for coming out here and not tripping in heels!” she joked. “I’ve always been kind of tall, but I walked out here today, and I had to raise the mic up even higher. Girls, it is all about the shoes, isn’t it?”

At one point, she commended Louganis for being a positive role model.

“I’ve always lived my entire life with things inside me that I could never express to other people, except a very few people,” said Jenner. “And so many times with Greg, I kept thinking to myself, he would be very understanding, he would be a great person to talk to about some of my issues and just never had the opportunity — until tonight.”

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