Did Caitlyn Jenner Make A Gay Joke About Gun Violence?

“Liberals can’t even shoot straight."

Caitlyn Jenner told a group of Republican college students that the recent attack on a GOP congressional baseball practice proves that “liberals can’t even shoot straight.”

Jenner made the joke Friday during a speech at the College Republican National Committee convention, the Washington Examiner reports.

The gunman, a fervent supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders, opened fire last week on a group of Republican congressmen and their aides while they were practicing for a charity baseball match against Democrats. Five people were injured and the gunman was killed by police.

David M Benett/Getty Images

“Nobody deserves what happened out there,” Jenner said. “As far as the people that were injured, it’s an absolute shame. You just want them to recover. Fortunately, the guy was a really bad shot… liberals can’t even shoot straight.”

Jenner, a polarizing figure, has attracted criticism from the LGBT community for her continued loyalty to the Republican party and tepid endorsement of marriage equality.

Jenner’s memoir, The Secrets of My Life, was released in April.

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