‘Cake Boss’ Bullies Transgender Woman

The gorgeous Carmen Carrera. Photo Credit: Steven Meisel

You know what’s a funny, funny way to get ratings? Do what the producers of Cake Bossdid and get a transgender woman on your show, convince her that you are helping to promote awareness with her role on the program and then publicly shame and mock her. Hatred is hysterical!

Our friend Carmen Carrera from RuPaul’s Drag Race appeared on the show in a prank to lure one of the employees into flirting with her. She spoke with producers about the terminology she wanted to be used and how to use her appearance to further transgender awareness. This was all ignored according to her and she wrote on her Facebook page last night:

LET ME MAKE THIS VERY CLEAR! LISTEN UP PEOPLE! I signed on to do this episode of “Cake Boss” to promote EQUALITY. Transgender women are just as beautiful as biological woman and should be respected for that. The “reveal” was never meant to be a “Jerry Springer, ’THATS A MAN’…” kind of thing. I was promised that it wasn’t going to be that way. I was lied to. I dont promote misleading someone or putting down the trans community. I am a beautiful transgendered woman and if a guy hits on me at a bar, ITS OK! That was the message. Hearing things like “You’ll never be a real woman” or “I hope you burn in hell for changing your gender” or “You will always be a man” is the EXACT TYPE OF IGNORANCE THAT THIS SHOW HELPED TO PROMOTE. This is why Im so upset. If men find me attractive and treat me as lady, why do some of you people think its wrong??? Why are some of you trying to take that away from me like I dont deserve to be treated with respect and admiration? Ignorance, thats why. STOP THE HATE AND PASS THIS ON.

For their part some of the sensitive, sensitive souls at Cake Boss then thought it would be funny to continue to shame Carmen after the episode aired. When someone mocked Anthony, the castmember the prank was played on, for kissing a man, Anthony had this to say: “hahaha nah I didn’t it give [sic] me a kiss on the cheek.”

“It” gave him a kiss on the cheek. What an amazing guy that Anthony must be.

Carmen’s fans (and fans of treating people like human beings) jumped into action last night, creating a petition demanding TLC and Cake Boss publicly apologize to the transgender community. Stay tuned for more on this developing story!

UPDATE: Cake Boss star Buddy Valastro Apologizes to Carmen, entire LGBT community.