California Christian University Lifts Ban on Queer Couples, Then Reinstates It

Azusa Pacific University maintains that its "biblical and orthodox" position of marriage.

A prominent Christian university in California is under fire for reinstating its campus ban on same-sex couples… after lifting it.

Azusa Pacific University, one of the oldest Christian universities on the West Coast, is under fire for a controversial reinstatement of an anti-LGBTQ ban. The university-wide ban prohibits queer students from having romantic relationships, though there is no such restriction for heterosexual students. Reports of the ban being overturned were released back in September, but in a statement from the board of trustees, the university is claiming that the reversal of the ban is because there was never board approval for it to be lifted in the first place.

The statement reaffirms that the university stands “unequivocally biblical and orthodox” in their decision to reinstate the ban.

“Last week, reports circulated about a change to the undergraduate student standards of conduct. That action concerning romanticized relationships was never approved by the board and the original wording has been reinstated… We pledge to boldly uphold biblical values and not waver in our Christ-centered mission. We will examine how we live up to these high ideals and enact measures that prevent us from swaying from that sure footing,” the university statement reads.

200 queer students, allies, and faculty gathered at the school earlier this week to protest the ban’s reinstatement, Huffington Post writes.

As Alexis Diaz, a queer senior at the university states, the ban “just shows we’re not a priority. It shows that we’re just a flimsy thing to just throw around.”

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