California Student Ordered To Cover Up LGBT-Inclusive T-Shirt

Eighth-grader Andria Zavala was told the tee was a "distraction" to other students.

An 8th grader in Clovis, California, claims she was told to cover up a t-shirt showing support for the LGBT community.

Andria Zavala says she got a shirt reading “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning” from her mother as an Easter present.

But when she wore it to school at Clark Intermediate School, a counselor told her the shirt could “possibly be against the dress code.” When Zavala approached the principal about the matter, she was told the tee was “a distraction to other people and their beliefs.”

The school dress code states that “extreme fashion that draws undue attention to the student” is banned, extending to clothing and makeup deemed “distracting.” But Zavala says the reaction was a double standard, as school clubs are allowed to wear shirts with text or logos that relate to their beliefs.

“I also think [the shirt] stands for pride,” she added. “Pride in being unapologetically yourself and not having to apologize for your sexual orientation.”

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