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Daddy’s Turn! “Call Me by Your Name” Novel Gets a Sequel

This time, Elio's dad is getting his own peach.

While the cinematic sequel to the Oscar-winning Call Me by Your Name may have to languish on the vine of “Let’s Not and Say We Did,” its beloved characters are getting a second chance at romance in the follow-up to the 2007 novel, Find Me.

Author André Aciman said Elio, Oliver, and especially Elio’s father, Samuel, “never left” him, and the 2017 film only helped deepen his love for the characters.

“Though I created the characters and was the author of their lives, what I never expected was that they’d end up teaching me things about intimacy and about love that I didn’t quite think I knew until I’d put them down on paper,” Aciman told Vulture. “The film made me realize that I wanted to be back with them and watch them over the years—which is why I wrote Find Me.”

Find Me will be published October 29. According to publisher Farrar, Straus, and Giroux:

In Find Me, Aciman shows us Elio’s father Samuel, now divorced, on a trip from Florence to Rome to visit Elio, who has become a gifted classical pianist. A chance encounter on the train leads to a relationship that changes Sami’s life definitively. Elio soon moves to Paris where he too has a consequential affair, while Oliver, now a professor in northern New England with sons who are nearly grown, suddenly finds himself contemplating a return visit to Europe.

If you’ll recall, Michael Stuhlbarg broke your heart as Elio’s (most beautiful boy in the world Timothée Chalamet) dad in the Luca Guadagnino film. Where that Oscar nomination was remains a mystery, but Stuhlbarg’s good old Sami Perlman really tapped into something that the novel didn’t.

Mr. Perlman is a minor character in the book, which spanned some 20 years, whereas the film focused almost exclusively on the first summer Elio and Oliver (Armie Hammer) spent together, giving Mr. Perlman more of the spotlight.

Meanwhile, Find Me sounds like it might meet Hammer’s exacting standards. During a recent press tour, the famously tall actor seemed to bow out of a sequel for fear of tarnishing the original:

“I’m sort of coming around to the idea that the first one was so special for everyone who made it, and so many people who watched it felt like it really touched them, or spoke to them. And it felt like a really perfect storm of so many things, that if we do make a second one, I think we’re setting ourselves up for disappointment. I don’t know that anything will match up to the first, you know?”

I do know, Armie Hammer. The last thing we need is to try to rekindle the flame of first love—after all, you can never fuck and eat the same peach once, as the old proverb says. But should Find Me get the cinematic treatment, Stuhlbarg would have even more screen time which only benefits us all. That being said, let’s pour out a bit of chianti for the fabulous Mrs. Perlman—

—who hopefully turns out to be an even more fabulous divorcée, chain-smoking her way through men and Chanel under the Tuscan sun with Diane Lane.

Lester Fabian Brathwaite is an LA-based writer, editor, bon vivant, and all-around sassbag. He's formerly Senior Editor of Out Magazine and is currently hungry. Insta: @lefabrat