Calum Scott: Not Coming Out Sooner “Ruined Most of My Teenage Years”

The out "Britain's Got Talent" star has teamed up with GLAAD in honor of National Coming Out Day.

Calum Ssott is not staying silent on National Coming Out Day.

The out singer became famous when he competed on Britain’s Got Talent in 2015, and his cover of Robyn’s “Dancing on my Own” hit number two on the U.K. charts—but it was coming out as gay that has made Scott a hero to his LGBTQ fans.

“I was terrified of talking about my sexuality for years and years… it actually ruined most of my teenage years,” Scott says in a personal new video he recorded for GLAAD and National Coming Out Day.

“I would feel ashamed, which is awful to say,” he adds.

Scott reveals that the thought of coming out used to make him “feel sick,” but he finally found the courage to come out, and urges those who are struggling with their sexuality to “be confident and brave.”

In another video he explains the choice behind not changing the pronouns when he covered Robyn’s “Dancing on my Own,” saying how he has been in that situation where he meets a guy who he likes, but finds out that he has a girlfriend.

“I thought it [not changing the pronouns] was going to go unnoticed,” Scott says about his cover. “But the gay community have come to me time and time again how much it means to them that they have a voice in music.”

For more on Scott’s coming out, watch the new short documentary, Calum Scott: A Coming Out Story, below.

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