Gay Porn Star Calvin Banks Opens Up About Sexual Abuse: “My Dad Was My First Blowjob”

"Well, your dad didn’t love you enough, and my dad loved me too much."

Calvin Banks, a performer for the gay porn site Cockyboys, admits in a new Himeros TV video that one of his first sexual experiences was with his father.

“I can now comfortably say my dad was my first blowjob,” Banks tells Himeros TV founder Davey Wavey in the video. “I’m not embarrassed… I gotta laugh about it. I have friends whose dads left when they were two years old. I joke with them, I say, ’Well, your dad didn’t love you enough, and my dad loved me too much.'”

Himeros TV/YouTube

Banks goes onto explain his parents divorced when he was younger, so the sexual abuse began when he was 7 or 8 years old, and he would go stay with his father on the weekends.

“We were alone for a few hours and it just led to a string of abuse. I think I became, because of the abuse I suffered, a very sexual child very early on and I often sought out sexual experiences for that reason,” he shares. “I became a very sexual child, very early on. At a young age I was caught in bed with one of my cousins, not actually having sex, but it set off a red light to my family.”

The Cockyboys star goes onto reveal that his father also sexually abused his sisters, and when his mother found out about the abuse, she took them away from his father and put them into therapy.

Watch the video, which was shot during a tantric sex retreat in the desert, below.

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