Cameron Diaz Totally Fired Rachel Zoe

cameron diaz rachel zoe fired

Happier times… Photo Credit: Getty Images

Rachel Zoe may be busy building her big ol’ empire and filming her reality show, but it looks like her extracurricular activities have lost her one major, major client — Cameron Diaz.

The New York Post is reporting that Cameron has fired Rachel and, as anyone who has ever watched a marathon of The Rachel Zoe Project on their couch for an entire weekend without showering will know, it is not all that big of a surprise. Cameron reportedly refused to be filmed on the show, and any and all glimpses of her were taken from red carpet footage.

Also, it seems Ms. Diaz felt that her stylist just didn’t have enough time for her.

Rachel is still doing fine of course, with clients like Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Hudson, but losing Cameron is a bit of a blow.

Not that the gorgeous and model thin actress will have much trouble dressing herself, she looks amazing in most anything.

Well, almost anything.

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