“Cameron Post” Director Dives Into Dating While Bi

Desiree Akhavan's upcoming TV show that will center on bisexual identity.

Director and writer of the conversion therapy film The Miseducation of Cameron Post is setting her sights on TV.

It was announced that Desiree Akhavan’s next project will be a television show to air on Hulu. Aptly titled The Bisexual, Gay Star News reports, the project will follow a bi protagonist navigating the dating scene. It will be a six-part series with Akhavan directing, co-writing (alongside Cecilia Frugiuele), and starring as the series lead.

Channel 4/Hulu

The Bisexual will be set in London, following New Yorker Leila (Akhavan) as she takes a break from her business partner and girlfriend of 10 years (Peake), and moves in with another romantic beau (Gabe Gleeson), who becomes her wingman as Leila explores dating openly for the first time.

Akhavan, who is openly bisexual herself, is adamant about telling a variety of queer stories on screen. After the success of The Miseducation of Cameron Post—which she stated was her way of taking “queer female stories back from male filmmakers”—Akhavan vowed to make more films that centered on queer identity.

The Bisexual is set to air on UK’s Channel 4 and Hulu, later this year.

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