Campaign Raising Funds For New Guinevere Turner Film About Gay Divorce Equality

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Wedlocked, a short LGBT film penned by Guinevere Turner (American Pshyco, The L Word), has launched a campaign to raise funds, according to a recent post on Reddit.

The satire focuses on the often overlooked side of marriage equality–gay divorce. If a same-sex couple does not live in a state that recognizes gay marriage, then they don’t have the ability to get a divorce either. Producers explained that while the inability to be granted a divorce is a major civil rights issue, it is not receiving the same media attention as marriage equality itself, and that’s why they decided to make the film.

The Seed & Spark page they set up to raise funding for the film describes the plot as follows:

“Wedlocked is a farcical comedy taking on the ridiculous laws governing gay divorce. Sydney & Cameron are a happily engaged couple who are looking forward to their big day. Only problem is, Sydney is still married to Lisa and their home state won’t recognize their marriage let alone their divorce.”

They currently raised nearly 17 thousand of their $30,000 goal, with two days still left to go. Click here to donate to the film or get more information, and check out the pitch video they created below.

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