Can We Talk About?… Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Pink Power (Ranger) Pantsuit

As a metaphor for her queer-adjacent appeal and continued advocacy for LGBTQ issues. Also—come on, suit!

Can We Talk About? is a weekly series full of unspeakable joy.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just gets it, you know?

The U.S. Representative for New York’s 14th congressional district has been the closest thing to a rock star Capitol Hill has known since Kid Rock wandered off from a Trump tour of the White House into a closed session on healthcare, mistook Mitch McConnell’s face for a urinal, and wiped his hands on the American flag. Also known as the best day of the Trump presidency until the Barr report limped out a few weeks ago.

But within a body known for shitty old white men you wouldn’t trust with babysitting your goldfish let alone overseeing the law of the land, AOC, as she’s colloquially known, is among a crop of badass women™ shaking up Congress and instilling fear in the withering bones of its career politicians.

Between stanning for RuPaul’s Drag Race, drinking white wine while assembling Ikea furniture and taking questions from her electorate, and gracing the cover of Time, AOC is giving you more to obsess over than most middling pop divas.

And the latest gag: This pink pantsuit, which is the physical embodiment of the 19th Amendment on gaycation with the 21st Amendment at the First Amendment’s Palm Springs condo.

AOC was caught slaying out here in these streets when she met with four of the Fab Five after bearded design daddy Bobby Berk offered to give the congresswoman’s office a little zhuzhing and AOC told him to “swing by.”

The Queer Eye gays were in town to lend their support for the Equality Act, an amendment to the 1964 Civil Rights Act that would ensure federal protections for LGBTQ people.

Of course, I could wax endlessly about this pink (fuchsia, as some gays would have it) pantsuit; about how she’s serving you Amy Jo Johnson, the original Pink Power Ranger, realness, fighting for justice while looking snatched doing it….

AOC showing up to her first day of work on the Hill.

Or I could go on about how Michelle Obama taught us the significance of fashion when it comes to women in politics and in power; about how everything Ocasio-Cortez says and wears is subject to intense scrutiny cum actual stupidity; about how she will read a douchebro to filth for trying to come for her, henny.

But that would miss the point, wouldn’t it?

The point being that the work AOC is putting in is more important than the werq she’s putting in—though both are admirable. Between promoting the Green New Deal so that the 29-year-old U.S. Rep. and other cool kids can actually have a future, calling for the release of Chelsea Manning, and helping to cockblock Jeff Bezos’ takeover of New York, AOC is not just basking in the spotlight, she’s using it to shed light on the issues that matter to her and her constituents.

With said point being made, this is a weekly series dedicated to chicanery and shenanigans, so let’s get back to this goddamn suit—which is already reaching iconic status.

It’s almost as good as the First Wives Club moment the women of Congress had during the State of the Union, though this time the color wasn’t representative of women’s suffrage…just one woman…stuntin’ over all these congressional fuckboys.

Get into this cut, get into this length, get into this coordination with spiritual sister Jonathan Van Ness.

Justice—and slaying lewks—happen together.

Lester Fabian Brathwaite is an LA-based writer, editor, bon vivant, and all-around sassbag. He's formerly Senior Editor of Out Magazine and is currently hungry. Insta: @lefabrat