Canadian Trans Sitcom “The Switch” Crosses U.S. Border

Trans actors play all the trans roles in the groundbreaking scripted series.

Popular Canadian sitcom The Switch, billed as “the world’s first scripted television show with a trans lead,” will soon be available in the U.S. via VOD and digital platforms.

The Switch is a six-episode half-hour sitcom about Sü, a woman who gets fired from her job in the U.S. after coming out as trans and decides to start her life over in Vancouver. The show finds humor in topics such as hormone shopping, gender-alignment surgery, and threat of deportation.

“Meet some intriguing folks you might glimpse at the bus stop and not usually think twice about,” reads an official synopsis for the show. “Each is coming out of their cocoon, but what’s emerging and how will the world deal with them?”

“How do we make and deliver transgender media that doesn’t suck?” creator and showrunner Amy Fox wrote in a recent HuffPost essay. “So we decided to make a show that actually reflected our lives… plus a bunch of stuff we made up.”

Produced by Trembling Void Studios, The Switch stars pro wrestler Nyla Rose as Sü, as well as Fox, Lindsay Coryne, Vincent Viezzer, Chance Kingsmyth, Andrea Menard, and Kent S. Leung.

The Switch, which aired last year on a Canadian cable network and was recently made available for rental or purchase on Vimeo On Demand, will launch August 15 on iTunes, Amazon Prime, and Google Play.

Watch a trailer for The Switch below.

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