Candis Cayne Walked Out Of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” Audition Over This Transphobic Joke

But she swears she still loves the show!

Trailblazing actress Candis Cayne was working Hollywood 20 years before Caitlyn Jenner came out as transgender, but she’s enjoying a heightened profile recently after starring on her new gal pal’s reality show, I Am Cait.

Together, Cayne and Jenner have worked to create a safe space in Hollywood where transgender people are respected by the media and their coworkers, but the industry wasn’t always so welcoming.

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In a new issue of The Hollywood Reporter, Cayne shared a story about the time she walked out of a Curb Your Enthusiasm audition after reading a transphobic gag in the script.

Said Cayne:

“I went on an audition for Curb Your Enthusiasm and Larry David was there. The part was for a trans woman who had to go to the bathroom really bad and decided she was going to go in the men’s line because it was quicker. I said, ’Thank you for writing a trans part, but I can’t audition because a trans woman wouldn’t do this. I have to honor my community,’ and I walked out of the audition,” exiting with, ” ’But I love the show!'”

Cayne revealed fellow trans actress Alexandra Billings was also at the audition, but left after reading the script herself. “You’re always fighting this because you want to work, but you also want to be honest,” said Cayne.

According to an HBO representative, the offensive gag never made it to air.

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In an accompanying video, Cayne praised Caitlyn Jenner for becoming such a fierce advocate for the transgender community.

“She put the movement on a global scale times 100,” she said. “People who didn’t know us before know Caitlyn Jenner now, and that is only going to be good for normalizing who and what we are.”

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