“Captain America” Hottie Sebastian Stan Admits He Was Maybe “Too Enthusiastic” About Recent Sex Scene

"Captain America: The Winter Soldier" - Los Angeles Premiere

Sebastian Stan plays a former gymnast turned Olympic recruiter in the upcoming film The Bronze.

This is an important detail, as it helps inform the acrobatics on display during the film’s much buzzed about sex scene (“Is it possible to cartwheel flip oneself into a woman’s vagina?” Vulture asked during the film’s premiere at Sundance.)

When Vulture caught up with the Captain America hunk on opening night of Broadway’s The Heidi Chronicles, Stan opened up about the scene, revealing “I was a maybe too enthusiastic about it, but I certainly, uh, brought everything I had.”

Go on…

I really enjoyed the people I was working with, and when they explained to me what the scene was about, it was so funny.

I just thought, You know what, you’ve just got to jump in the water sometimes, right? You’ve just got to take your clothes off and go for it.

That’s exactly the attitude one should have. We applaud you, Sebastian Stan.


To get us all prepped, let’s revisit an earlier Sebastian Stan sex scene from USA’s Political Animals (where he played the troubled gay son of the former first lady).

The Bronze will be released in theaters on July 25, 2015. Fandango that shit NOW.