Cardi B Denies Making Transphobic Facebook Posts

This isn't the first time transphobia has landed her in trouble.

Cardi B has denied she posted transphobic content to her Facebook page, blaming a former associate.

The rapper took to Twitter to claim the posts were from a former team member, adding that it was her old Facebook page and that only that individual had access to it.

The tweet was sent while a post was still on that page that used a transphobic slur, Billboard reports. It has since been deleted.

She has previously gotten into trouble for using the slur herself in a video, which was quickly pointed out by another Twitter user.

She took to Periscope to address the situation, claiming she didn’t know it was wrong because she has heard trans people use the term. The 25 year-old also defended her use of the slur by saying she wasn’t taught in school or by her parents that the word is offensive.


Cardi B has also defended her husband, Migos rapper Offset, over homophobic lyrics, saying he isn’t anti-gay because she has seen him be nice to “gays.”

“I cannot vibe with queers,” he rapped in his verse on YFN Lucci’s song “Boss Life.” “I got the heart of a bear,” he continued. “Bustin’ them down by the pair.” He apologized and said he wasn’t using the word “queer” as a homophobic slur.

Sounds like these two wordsmiths could use a basic English lesson.

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