Carmen Electra Talks White Party, New Single

F*ck snow — this week marks the penultimate sign that spring has arrived: the White Party in Palm Springs. The host of this year’s gloriously gay event? Super-vixen Carmen Electra, who’ll be entertaining the boys at the Sunday T-Dance. The Lady in Red will perform during the closing festivities, so you can bet Jesus won’t be the only person rising this Easter.

You can get tickets here.

The “I Like It Loud” singer gave us a few words before the madness heats up and the clothes come off this weekend.

Describe the White Party in three words: “Wild, Fun, Shirtless.”

Favorite shade of white: “Winter white.”

If the White Party were a cocktail, it’d be…”A vodka milkshake.”

What won’t you be wearing to the White Party? “ Not sure what I won’t be wearing, but I can tell you what I WILL be wearing: some fabulous pieces from The Blonds’ new collection.

Things “I Like It Loud” and the White Party have in common: “I like it loud, but I bet the boys like it even louder.”

Exactly how loud do you like it: “‘Wake the neighbors, call the cops’-loud.”

When’s your next single due out: “We’ll decide and announce the next single very soon. Stay tuned!”

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