Mimi Imfurst On Carnival Cruise Lines Anti-Drag Letter

Mimi gives her opinion.

The first letter from Carnival was bad enough, but the second letter from ALandChuck was inexcusable. Especially coming from a “Gay Man” who runs a “Gay Business”.

Just because you are gay, or know a drag queen does not mean that you get any right whatsoever to say the things you said. This cruise is being paid for by the fans of Drag Queens and RuPaul’s Drag Race. Just to be super clear- DRAG is making YOU money.

Initially when this blew up yesterday- none of the drag race alumni attendees were speaking up publicly except for me.. ALandChuck called my manager asking me to stop expressing my outrage at the situation. They wanted me to shut up, so that things would simmer down. What they have failed to realize is that by defending Carnivals letter they compounded the situation by defending their homophobic, anti-drag letter. ALandChuck’s letter did not do anything other than further demonize DRAG and Gay Men. The last paragraph of the letter is a LOT LIKE TELLING ROSA PARKS TO SHUT UP AND SIT WHERE THE WHITE MAN TELLS YOU. (just be thankful you’re getting to ride the bus) I will not allow myself to be apart of this minstrel show any longer. Nor will I sit quietly, and hide in the closet in Ann Franks Attic.

Based off of the two letters here’s what I learned about the upcoming “STONEWALL AT SEA”—-

A) You didn’t pay as much, so swallow the homophobia. All we could afford was language and policies dating back to 1969. EQUALITY IS EXPENSIVE.

B) Its not normal to get dressed up just for fun.

C) We’re worried about terrorists in wigs, lashes and high heels? Yes, there might be a bomb in your tits.

D)Untraditional drag does not fall under this policy, So Sharon Needles, you’re fine.

E) Apparently, if you own a gay business, you have the right to discern what and what isnt discrimination.

F) I am gay and have two gay moms… who bought me dresses growing up… So if drag isnt appropriate for families, does that mean my family isnt appropriate to be seen in public?

G) You want to make sure this cruise is comfortable to “ALL GUESTS”. So clearly you don’t really consider us guests. We’re just slaves on your ship of “Glory.” Please give me a minute to get back to the bottom of the ship and put on my Rhinestoned Shackles so I can row the ship for the masters in fanny packs above.

H) This is Carnival Cruise Lines right? WHAT’ IS A CARNIVAL WITHOUT CLOWNS?

I) It may not have been meant to marginalize a few, but it did… but hey since we’re second class citizens and “freaks” it doesn’t matter.

J) We should use this opportunity to show the straight people that we as gay people can be subservient and we’re perfectly “OKAY” with you calling a huge part of our culture inappropriate and not family friendly.

K) This rule was created to “Protect” straight people. Were straight passengers sent an email, asking them to not dress horribly as it would offend my gay eyes? Also their public displays of heterosexuality and and bi-products of their heterosexual breeding behavior such as their seven snotty children- are deeply disturbing to me.

to quote To Wong Foo … I AM A DRAG QUEEN.

Mimi Imfurst

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