‘Carrie’ Remake Looks Terrifying, Has Number You Can Call

You need to wash that hair, girl. It looks nasty.

You need to wash that hair, girl. It looks nasty.

At the very end of the trailer for the Carrie remake that opens this fall, they show a phone number you can call: 207-404-2604. And you guys? Seriously? That shit is scary. I don’t want to give too much away, but you should really call the number.

It’s kind of awesome, actually, that the movie takes the old-fashioned route of giving you a phone number instead of, like, asking you to make a Vine movie of yourself covered in blood. Because Margaret White, Carrie’s freaky religious mother, would never use the internet if she could help it. That’s the Devil’s portal! No, she’d stick to the phone, thank you, and even then, she’d fear it was a sin.

But that’s not to say the movie seems old-fashioned. Based on this trailer, it’s going to be a pretty delicious update of Stephen King’s novel/the original film/the notorious musical. (Just kidding about that last one. I think.)

It seems like there are going to be modern touches—iPhones and such—but that this movie isn’t going to “modernize” itself by adding more gore and tits, the way so many horror remakes do. Instead, it looks like director Kimberley Peirce (who also directed Boys Don’t Cry) and screenwriter Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (who, full disclosure, I know really well from graduate school) are keeping their focus on the emotional aspects of Carrie’s story. As many people have said, that makes sense. Boys Don’t Cry is also about a young outcast, and Peirce did a damn good job with it.

Also? Julianne Moore is pretty damn terrifying as Margaret, and Chloe Grace Moretz seems believably fragile as Carrie. Plus: Judy Greer as the gym teacher!

I agree with Vulture that it’s not a problem for this movie to reveal so much of the ending. At this point, who doesn’t know that Carrie ends up soaked in blood? The point with a story this well-known is to make the journey to the conclusion as rich and interesting as possible, and it looks like that could happen.

Now excuse while I go turn off my phone and huddle in the dark, afraid of getting a call back.

Mark Blankenship went to the prom three times in high school, but there was never a fire. He tweets as @IAmBlankenship.