The Carry Nation’s New Music Video Is A Sexy, Wild Tribute To Queer Nightlife

This decadent track is all about the fantasy.

NYC DJ duo The Carry Nation has released a sumptuous music video for its latest single “As If.”

as if 2

Directed by Brooklyn filmmaker Tyler Jensen, the video shows a group of unruly partygoers decked out in flashy clothes and BDSM gear living their best lives as they dance to a hypnotic beat.

Though the video mostly shows the revelers in solo clips, the final scene sees them all gathering together for a queer take on Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper.

as if

“It’s part of a series of original tracks inspired by the range of sounds culled from this past year of touring,” The Carry Nation told Thump. “Our intention for the song was to create a dance soundscape that was equal parts abstraction and familiarity.”

Check it out below.

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