Casey Legler, Erika Linder & Elliott Sailors Are The Hottest New Female, And Male, Models


We love us some Sean O’Pry, Corey Baptiste, Noah Mills and David Gandy, but some of the hottest new names in the male modeling industry are unique in that they are serving us all face, but no bulge. That’s right friends, the ladies have started to prove that there is no reason female models, or male models for that matter, can’t be just as successful exploring a career working for both teams.

It should come as no surprise that this crossover would happen, especially given the fashion industry’s almost constant demand for androgynous models, both male and female. Just look at the male Andrej Pejic walking the runway as the world’s prettiest bride for John Paul Gaultier during the designer’s 2011 haute couture show, and then sitting front and center as a stylish dude that same month in Marc Jacobs’ Spring 2011 print campaign. And, just like Pejic, there are some new girls who are finding it’s just as nice to do some editorial and ad work as a male model, and have a look and an attitude we are all about.


Among the crop of female models who are just as happy modeling for the boys is Casey Legler (above), who has appeared in campaigns for the likes of All Saints, Deisel and a Vogue spread with Pejic. In an fantastic interview with Time, which you should read right now, Legler emphasized that her career as a male model is not about gender identity, saying:

I understand signifiers. We’re social creatures and we have a physical language of communicating with each other. But it would be a really beautiful thing if we could all just wear what we wanted, without it meaning something.

She is kind of everything.

Also making waves of recent is Erika Linder, a gorgeous Swede who is happy to do her thing modeling in mens or womenswear, and has now got the attention of every woman and man in the world by starring in the recently released lyric video for Katy Perry’s new song “Unconditionally,” which tells the story of two gals falling in love. And when you get the Katy Perry stamp of approval these, you pretty much know you’re the shit.

Oh, and she also has some killer abs.

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The latest lady to join the group is Elliott Sailors (top photo), a former Ford model who stopped by Today this morning, which you can watch above, to talk about chopping off her locks to try out a career as a male model. She seems to be more intent on working only as male model, unlike the other ladies mentioned, and hasn’t yet achieved the status of Pejic, Legler, or Lea T, the very gorgeous and very successful transgender model who is muse to Givenchy’s Ricardo Tisci and can be seen below in all her stunning beauty, so it will be interesting to see what happens for the 31-year-old.


It should also be mentioned that this is not anything new, especially in the case of ladies modeling as men, but it is far more common these days. Well before these ladies were on the scene, and barely out of diapers, top female models, hell, top supermodels, among them Cindy Crawford and Linda Evangelista, have proven in spreads they look just as good modeling as men as they do women. But these spreads were very few and very far between, with the focus always being that this was a woman dressed up like a man.


Yep, that’s Cindy, courtesy of legendary photog Herb Ritts.

As we said before, time will tell if this continues or if other models explore a career path similar to the ones of those mentioned here, but it certainly makes sense to us, and these amazing photos sure don’t lie.

Who would have ever thought the fashion industry of all places could possibly be the place to slowly start breaking down gender identity barriers? Well, as long as the models being used are white, tall and very, very thin. But hey, maybe they’ll start working on that race and size problem next season.

h/t: Jezebel