Yes, This “Cash Me Outside” Video Is A Thirst Trap—But These Boys Are Talented, Too!

Thanks, Cheap Undies!

The “Cash Me Outside” girl has arguably been the biggest internet craze of the year so far, and although it’s finally died down a bit, a video of some hot guys dancing to the inevitable remix of the infamous quote is making it worth a revisit.

In case you somehow missed the avalanche of memes last month, it all stemmed from an episode of Dr. Phil that featured a girl who issued a unique threat to the studio audience.

DJ Suede The Remix God cashed in on the trend by turning it into a song, and underwear brand Cheap Undies cashed in on that by getting hot models to perform a choreographed dance to the track. How bow dah?

Check out David Ratcliffe, GianCarlo Annitto and Marvin Brown dancing to the routine by Dexter Mayfield in the sexy video.

h/t: Instinct

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