Catching Up With Will Lexington On “Nashville”: He Smells

His mood isn't the only funky thing

Previously, on Nashville


Will Lexington has had a lot to contend with since his soul-cleansing press conference a few months ago. But on the season premiere of Nashville, it’s obvious he believes the best course of action is to vegetate, much to the consternation of boyfriend Kevin.

Will has rarely gotten out of bed since Luke ordered him to lay low until they figure out what to do. But he has managed to grow some alarming facial hair.


Will does finally manage to roll out of bed and somehow ride a wave of self pity over to Gunnar, who as usual, provides the voice of reason.


Will takes his advice, and meets Kevin out in public for the first time since coming out, sans the unabomber look.


Will is still skittish, refusing to take Kevin’s hand, insisting that people are staring.


Sadly, Will is not being paranoid for once, as the restaurant patrons are staring at him, and things get worse when a young woman stomps over, and loudly exclaims “You’re a liar! We slept together, which is weird, considering you’re gay! That would have been useful information to have before I humiliated myself! You’re disgusting!” She storms away, and Will pleads to just go back home, as he’s sure this kind of thing will keep happening.

Kevin has a better idea, and tells him “Let’s go someplace this won’t happen.”


Yes, Kevin brings Will to a gay techno club, and Will, of course, feels a little out of place. Wait, you can’t tell me there are no gay country & western bars in Nashville.

On second thought, the odds were pretty good that Will might run into one of his park hookups at a gay c&w bar, so maybe this was the best choice.

But Will is hell bent on not having a good time, and leaves, lamenting that he can’t find a place for himself anywhere now.


The next morning, Will and Gunnar commiserate over their problems, when Avery (Jonathan Jackson) comes in with little Cadence with him. Gunnar explains “Guess what? We’ve got a new roommate!”

Three men and oh, baby!

Will looks delighted.


Well, at least Will is officially out. That’s something. But can he be an openly gay man in the country music business? Hopefully this season will explore that question.

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