Cate Blanchett and Sarah Paulson Had a Bonkers “Carol” Reunion on the “Today” Show

And we LOVED it.

Usually when celebrities are on talk shows to promote something like a book or movie, the interviews can be a little boring and dry.

That was not the case this morning when Carol Aird and Abby Gerhard—also known as Cate Blanchett and Sarah Paulson—sat down with Hoda Kotb to talk about their new movie together, Ocean’s 8, because the two actresses were kooky from minute one of the interview.


Blanchett and Paulson barely even talk about the movie before they start making fun of each other’s fashion, and how many awards they won. At one point Blanchett even sits on Paulson’s lap and pretends to conduct the interview without her.

Obviously Kotb does not celebrate Carol Day every April 17 because she asked if Blanchett and Paulson had ever been in a movie together before! Yes, just a little cinematic masterpiece known as Carol!

When the subject of the Todd Haynes film is brought up Paulson even makes fun of Blanchett for not winning an Oscar for her role even though she was nominated that year.

“I campaigned! I wore outfits, and I didn’t win,” Blanchett yells during the interview. “What is wrong with that Academy?!”

Eventually Kotb has to bring in co-host Savannah Guthrie in for re-enforcements, and we don’t blame her. We always heard that Carol crew was a rowdy bunch.

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