“Catfish” Got Gay Last Night, And It Was Emotional, Infuriating & Their Best Episode Yet

Catfish aired what is, in our opinion, their best show yet last night. This was the story of Anthony, a gay Iraq War veteran who received a Purple Heart and, after spending three months in the hospital after an injury he sustained while serving, finally came out and opened up to “Marq.”

Spoiler Alert! “Marq” ain’t real.

Turns out “Marq” is Framel, a young gay man who used, and is using, the glamour shots of some dude Joshua, a local male celeb and fit model or something or other like that, to woo Anthony. He went so far as to have Anthony, who lives in Texas, fly to Mississippi to meet him at a restaurant, only to say he was a no show because of a fake horrible car accident. Even though he was there, apparently just creepily staring at Anthony squirm and probably cry for two hours.


Now, usually we sympathize with people like Framel, but really? A war vet? And then getting him to fly out to meet you?

Anthony, to his benefit, was one of the more aware folks the show has featured, and knew what he was in store for with all of this. (He even did his own Google image searching on “Marq” before Nevax got there, like a pro!) That being said, he still made it clear throughout the episode that he was completely in love with this man he speaks to every day.

We’re not gonna spoil anything more, but you can check out the episode here. And trust us, you want to check out this episode.

Oh, and Nev and Max looked great obvs.