“Catfish: The TV Show”: The Gayest Moments (WATCH)


Borrowing the title from Nev Schulman’s acclaimed 2010 documentary, Catfish, being “catfished” means finding out the person you think you’ve been interacting with online isn’t the one who answers the door—a phenomenon gays are all too familiar with.

Now in its second season, MTV’s hit reality series Catfish: The TV Show follows the phenomenon of people spreading shade on their dating profiles—with Nev and camera man Max tracking the sometimes comical, sometimes tragic consequences.

No episodes are quite as dramatic, heartfelt and heated as the ones featuring gay, lesbian and transgender folk. (Just last month, Iraq War vet Anthony went to meet his true love, Marq, and found out he wasn’t what, or who, he claimed to be.)



Catfish has a ton of WTF? moments, sure, but it also showcases the importance of honesty, love and just being yourself—a message that’s sort of of endearing.

Watch an epic Catfish mashup video above, which highlights the queer scenes that make us secretly want to get caught up in a world wide web of lies and be put on TV for it. And catch all-new episodes Catfish: The TV Show tonight on MTV.

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