Meow! The “Cats” Editors Had to “CGI Out” Jason Derulo’s Huge Bulge

"Bulges everywhere and balls everywhere and everything you could possibly imagine."

Remember when the mere suggestion of Jason Derulo’s impressive manhood broke the freaking internet? Who are we kidding—of course you do. We all do.

The singer and star of 2019’s live-action Cats movie recently stopped by the SiriusXM studios to guest on Andy Cohen’s namesake radio show Andy Cohen Live.


Naturally, Cohen and Derulo’s conversation about the star-studded film adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s divisive musical quickly devolved to the TMI topic on everyone’s mind: How the hell did the “anaconda” in Derulo’s tights not steal the show?

“You’re in tights in Cats,” Cohen began, “which makes me think maybe they—”

Lo and behold, Derulo singer knew exactly where he was going: “—CGI’d the dick out,” he confirmed. “Yeah, they did. They did CGI the… I noticed that. One-hundred-and-twenty-five percent. I literally—I could see it in the trailer.”

It isn’t the first time Derulo has addressed the elephant anaconda in the room. Earlier this month, the “Too Hot” singer told E! News that he was indeed “bulging out” of those bespoke tights while filming.

“It was interesting ‘cause we had to wear these—they were like spandex, you know?” he told the site. “So, it was, like, very tight, you know? So, it was bulging everywhere. Bulges everywhere and balls everywhere and everything you could possibly imagine.”

Derulo and his co-stars were basically “naked in front of each other” while on set, so they got real friendly real quick, he added: “And you had to be pretty confident in yourself, you know what I’m saying, to come out every single day, and you know, for months and months to see each other—all of each other.”

Well, there you have it, folks. Movie magic at work. You can even see Derulo’s edited package (and weirdly impressive kitty-crawl) for yourself on December 20, when Cats hits theaters nationwide. It looks like a bit like a creepy Jellicle nightmare, but hey, we won’t judge.

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