It’s a Creepy Jellicle Hellscape in the First Trailer for “Cats”

Taylor Swift, Ian McKellen, Judi Dench, Jennifer Hudson, and Idris Elba are digital fur balls in the musical's big-screen adaptation.

The Cats musical is happening, and any reservations you might have had about it will be confirmed and maybe amplified with the first trailer for it.

Jennifer Hudson does what Jennifer Hudson does best: belt out a showstopper. This time around, she’s telling you she’s not going without her “Memory” while the rest of the cast tramples around in disturbing catface.

And here’s Taylor Swift serving “You need to claw down” realness:

And Oscar winner Dame Judi Dench, who deserves better than this:

Along with fellow venerated British actor Sir Ian McKellen playing peekaboo:

And here’s Idris Elba, who’s somehow still hot:

It’s perhaps too early to say if Cats will be any good—after all, it’s still a musical about… cats—but from the trailer, it at least looks interesting. Creepy, but interesting.

Check it out below:

Lester Fabian Brathwaite is an LA-based writer, editor, bon vivant, and all-around sassbag. He's formerly Senior Editor of Out Magazine and is currently hungry. Insta: @lefabrat