Celebrated Korean Director Bringing Lesbian Victorian Era Novel “Fingersmith” To The Big Screen

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Sarah Waters’ lesbian Victorian crime novel, Fingersmith, is finally getting a big screen adaptation.

The novel, published in 2002, follows Sue Trinder, an orphan raised by in a house of petty thieves, or “fingersmiths,” overseen by Mrs. Sucksby. When Gentleman, the pride and joy of the “fingersmiths” arrives, he proposes a plan to Sue: Help him woo the wealthy but frail Maud Lilly by posing as her maid, and he’ll share Maud’s inheritance with her after he has Maud committed to an asylum.

But the plan goes awry when Sue begins to care for her mistress “in unexpected ways.”

Kim Min-hee

Kim Min-hee (Photo: Getty)


Fingersmith already made the leap to television in a 2005 British miniseries starring Sally Hawkins and Imedla Staunton, but this film version will carry a different pedigree: Korean director Park Chan-wook—who made the infamous Vengeance trilogy, as well as the 2013 Nicole Kidman vehicle Stoker—is at the helm, with Kim Min-hee and Kim Tae-ri starring as the two women and Ha Jung-woo as Gentleman. Filming has already begun.

Let’s hope Chan-wook he brings his distinctively dark and moody vision to what is sure to be a thrilling and seductive caper.

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