Alaska Models Motorcyles On “Celebrity Apprentice”

The "Drag Race" All-Star helped Carson Kressley with a challenge.

Snatching the crown on RuPaul’s Drag Race can open lots of doors: tours, albums, appearances… Celebrity Apprentice?

Reigning All-Star queen Alaska popped up on this week’s episode of the reality competition, modeling motorcycles for a challenge involving creating a photo campaign for Kawasaki.

Project manager Carson Kressley wanted to bring the company to new demographics—cut to Carson posing naked with the bike.

Luis Trinh/NBC

That didn’t pan out so well, so he enlisted Alaska.

Kressley knows his stuff: It turns out his grandfather and dad ran a car dealership just outside Allentown, Pennsylvania, and both his father and a past boyfriend were big on hogs—that’s “motorcycles” in biker lingo.

But while teammate Boy George was a great art director, the Queer Eye star says the other guys “got a little uptight” about a drag queen in the mix.

“I’ve had the honor or judging many seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race. And I know that drag is a fabulous art form,” writes Kressley in his CA blog for “I knew that Alaska would add an element of glamor, fun and edge. What I didn’t know is that some of my team would be down right phobic about having my friend in the campaign. I was not having any of it!”

Carson said he knew Kawasaki wanted to be edgy but also inclusive, “and I was prepared to take the fall for my principles and my art.”

celebrity apprentice

In the end, he won the challenge for the guys, and snagged $25,000 for his charity, Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors Fund benefiting LGBT homeless youth.’

“[My] favorite part of the night was hearing Arnold Schwarzenegger say ’Alaska Thunderfuck’ with as much of a look of shock on his face as is possible for that man,” said redditor OhComets, “and hearing the whole board room laughing in disbelief at the name.”

Luis Trinh/NBC

He added that Alaska “killed it,” writing “I’m surprised how much the episode’s plot revolved around her. Or rather ’the drag queen.'”

Now, we know you’re wondering whether Alaska’s appearance on Apprentice is some kind of tacit endorsement of Donald Trump. Watch the video below to get her take on the President-elect.

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