“Celebrity Big Brother” Star Ousted For Anti-Gay Hate Speech, Calling Gay Adoption “Child Abuse”

Winston McKenzie was loudly booed throughout his post-eviction interview.

Judgement day in the Celebrity Big Brother house came swiftly and unapologetically for UKIP candidate Winston McKenzie, who was booted out of the house Friday over his crippling homophobic views.

McKenzie’s homophobia caused a stir before he even entered the house this season, when he described how he’d handle living with a gay housemate in a pre-show interview.

“I could cope with a homosexual in the house. I guess I’ll just have to and with my back against a brick wall all the time,” he said.

McKenzie had an opportunity to revise or clarify his disdain for LGBT people during a task in the house days later, which he failed dramatically.

Asked to match housemates with previous quotes they’d given to the press, Winston’s 16 housemates were stunned to learn he’d previously said he believed gay people adopting children is tantamount to “child abuse.”


Winston stood firm in his view, and was quickly shown the door by a 13-1 vote. He said in an exit interview that he was most shocked by being dropped by people he respected and had formed relationships with, including producer David Gest and Flavor of Love star Tiffany Pollard.

“I’m sorry but your views are totally different to mine and anybody should be able to adopt a child,” said Gest. Pollard added, “I do want you to leave and the reason is because of your homophobic views and I have a lot of gay friends.”


Openly gay actor John Partridge, who’d originally called for calm when Winston’s homophobic laundry was aired, had changed his tune by the time Winston was evicted. “I don’t respect you and that disgusted me,” he said.

Host Emma Willis condemned the comments in a post-eviction interview, saying “It’s so sad that people still have these views and can say things like that and think it’s OK.”

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Asked whether he still agreed with his comments likening gay adoption to child abuse, Winston said, “We live in a democratic society and we have the right to our opinions…I agree with my heartfelt feelings. I’m not gonna change my mind or my thoughts just to please other people.”

In an interview with the Daily Star on Sunday, Winston claimed his time on the show was a “set up” from the beginning, and that he was made out to be the anti-gay villain.

“I honestly believe I was a threat,” he said. “They [producers] could have waited with that. They know that these issues are very emotive.”

“But I had three, four days in the house, I got the exposure I needed, and I would recommend the whole thing to everybody.”

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