Celebrity Twitterwatch: All Shook Up! Plus Rachel’s Dads on “Glee” and the Wit and Wisdom of Eddie McClintock

With a body like that, I believe it.

We’re back! It’s been almost a year since I stopped writing Twitterwatch, but the time has come to go back and see what the beautiful people are saying in 140 characters without a publicist peeking over their shoulders. This week, we have a variety of tweets from our favorite celebrities, but the east coast earthquake certainly dominated the conversation.

Wilson Cruz doesn’t make it to my television screen nearly as much as I’d like, but you can frequently find him running around New York City – well, later in the day you can. When the earthquake made the ground move he was still in bed, so it didn’t even register.

I’ve never really figured out who 90210 Assistant is, but they’ve reliably provided images of Trevor Donovan on set of the teen drama, so I consider them a friend to the cause. And as a Californian, they know something of the sadness and devastation that can come from an earthquake.


But the top prize for an earthquake-related tweet has to come from Danny Zuker, co-executive producer of Modern Family, who responded to Chris Brown’s over-the-top tweet about the minor earth shaker. I know it’s dark humor, but isn’t that often the best kind?

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While as a celebrity, you may have a stylist for events and your shows, sometimes you have to dress yourself. The decisions you make can often make or break you.

The incomparable Dita Von Teese

Honestly, I have nothing but respect for Dita Von Teese, who really does seem to be one of the last practitioners of the true art of burlesque. I can’t imagine what it’s like for her to see trashy pop starlets try and lay claim to your art. Plus, I’ve had the same nightmare.

We love us some Eddie McClintock around here, a big beefy guy who’s not afraid to take off his shirt and strut. But that doesn’t mean we give him a pass on anything, and he knows the rules of the internet: Pics, or it didn’t happen. Please let it happen.

Abercrombie & Fitch made news last week for offering money to the cast of the Jersey Shore, and The Situation specifically, to stop wearing their clothes. Mo Rocca, the gay man with the most appropriate name ever, explained why image was so important to the company.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Sammy Huntington on our televisions, getting naked while he transforms into a werewolf on Being Human USA. And werewolves are notorious for having wardrobe issues. Well, except for those Twilight wolves with the magic clothes. So he’s got a point about the shoes, though I bet they come off quickly when you’re about to become a wolf.

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Here’s Michael with my future ex-husband Russell Tovey.

In under a week, Michael Arden has gone from “Who?” in my life to central to my coverage of gay pop culture. Maybe I just wasn’t paying attention before, but given his casting on The Good Wife as a love interest for Alicia’s brother to finding out he hangs with Russell Tovey, how could I not follow him? And now he’s freaking out about a way to make it to the super-gay Fire Island for the weekend. Sadly, with Hurricane Irene fast approaching, I suspect he may not make it out of the city.

John Barrowman has been traveling around Spain all week with his impossibly handsome partner Scott Gill, and his sister Carole. We’ve been seeing pictures of them by the pool, on cannons, and drinking. A lot. And then sometimes, something random comes up, like this. Yes, John, we love it too.

We know that Jesse Tyler Ferguson has been bumming around Maui on vacation, and it appears the whole cast of Modern Family needed a break after filming one episode — at a dude ranch. Life is rough! As for his television husband Eric Stonestreet, he’s been hanging out at the pool, but rather than relaxing, he seems to be bringing an element of uptight to the splashing around.

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He always looks like he’s having fun.

There’s something infinitely charming about Alan Tudyk. He can play comic relief, freak out naked on a rooftop, or play a total sociopath, and you still want to invite him to dinner. But don’t take him to Chipotle.

We do love Matthew Mitcham. The Olympic star seems like he’s positively wholesome all the time, with that megawatt smile and that optimistic outlook on life. Then he goes and says something like this, and you think he might be a ton of naughty fun to chat with if you got a couple of martinis in him.

Jumping back to Eddie McClintock, he brings up the eternal question for those of us who have a caffeine addiction — diet or regular? Because either way it seems that you’re doomed.

Joan Collins is upset that words about overweight people are being attributed to the actress. She’s got a new book out, and she allowed the Daily Mail to syndicate parts of it, and even sat for an interview from which words were taken that she feels misquotes her. Maybe she should talk to her paper of choice about context? Or maybe it’s just because we can hear Alexis saying that in our heads?

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Who says activism can’t be fashionable?

It’s no secret we love NCIS’s Pauley Perrette around here. For someone who doesn’t necessairly show up at GLAAD events and such, she’s a consistent and loud voice for equality. She never misses a chance to speak out in an interview, a red carpet, or on Twitter.

Lea Michele thinks she’s figured out the perfect way to reveal Rachel’s gay dads on Glee: just a pan to the audience during one of her performances. I do think that makes a lot of sense, bringing the oft-referenced dads onscreen without making a big deal of it or having to eat up half of an episode to introduce them. But I’m not really thrilled with her mom’s casting idea, clever as it is.

Well, that’s it for a week of celebrity tweets — did it feel as good to have it back as it did for me to be back?


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