Celebrity Twitterwatch: I’m Not Feeling Like Myself Edition

Obviously, Daddy was home when this smiling picture was taken.

Here at Twitterwatch we spend a lot of time walking in other people’s shoes, so we know something about feeling not quite like ourselves. Whether things are just a bit off emotionally or physically, it can really throw off your game if you’re not feeling quite like your normal, upbeat self.

Over the months, we’ve all fallen in love with the conversations that Wil Wheaton has with his dog via Twitter. I’m constantly amazed at how much nuance Wil fits into 140 characters, and I feel like I know his pets. At the top of the page, we finally get to meet Seamus Wheaton, the dog who denies chasing his own tail. And below you can see that he’s very aware of his environment, and knows when Daddy has to leave.

Dog: Why is the suitcase out?! Me: I’m going to Vancouver. Dog: WHAT?! Me: Yeah. Dog: I’ll be here pouting on the floor if you need me.less than a minute ago via web

I’m not one to follow Martha Stewart on Twitter. Frankly, if I want to feel inferior I can just talk to my family. But the other night, Miss Perfect seemed to be slurring her tweets, and the Internet was vastly amused. To be sure, if she was impaired, she probably grew the grapes, stomped them, and aged the wine herself in barrels she made of trees she grew from acorns.

i am not drunk-just curious if i can get some action going on twitter time to write my editor’s letter now less than a minute ago via web

One of the great unanswered questions of Glee is whether or not Sue Sylvester is still of an age to be capable of bearing children. I’m actually going to hope not based on this tweet, because the thought of Sue going through menopause scare the devil out of me.

I can’t WAIT for menopause. You think Chernobyl was bad? Just wait til you see what a Sue Sylvester hot flash looks like.less than a minute ago via HootSuite

Stephen Fry seems to be the consumate professional. He’s always calm, cool and collected. So it’s nice to know that even he can get nervous when playing Royal Albert Hall. No word on if there was anyone expected in the royal box.

Golly wolly woo. Audience will be let in any min. My tummy feels like the floor of a bouncy castle *straightens tie & slaps face* #FryRAHless than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone

And even if your tooth aches and you have to go see the man in the white coat with the drill that makes that awful whirring sound, you can always find a silver lining. If you’re into that sort of thing. It wouldn’t surprise me to find that Dave Navarro was.

When I look at going to the dentist as a kind of BDSM appointment, it really isn’t all that bad.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

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Identified – ginger on the left is Michael Cain, along with Steven Webb, Russell Tovey, and Stephen Fry peeking out behind Tovey’s ear.

Matthew Cain is the culture editor for Channel 4 and a buddy of Russell Tovey. They have frequent late night Twitter chats, which is how I identified him in the picture. Brits are evidently still watching the final season of Ugly Betty and enjoying the diva that is Wilhemina Slater. I admit she’s divine, but these are fightin’ words.

Am I the only person still watching Ugly Betty? I love it! And I love Wilhemina Slater. She pisses all over Sue Sylvester…less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone

New Kids On the Block dominated the radio when I was in high school. I spent a lot of mornings driving to school with them blasting out of the stereo on my little MG Midget, top down, not a care in the world. Now that I’m older, it’s kind of neat seeing that Jonathan Knight has the exact same Tuesday night dilemmas that I do.

Glee and Flipping Out on in the same time slot!!!! So not right. Thank god for the invention of the DVR!less than a minute ago via berTwitter

When I was in college, I’m pretty sure I scheduled my classes around my hangovers, not around daytime television. But I do remember living in the dorms and trying to change the channel from something the girls were watching in the common room which was hazardous to my health. As for Alyson Hannigan’s husband laughing at her, he should be careful, because you don’t want to make Willow angry. We all remember Dark Willow.

Just confessed to Alexis that in college I would pick classes that didn’t conflict with watching The Oprah Winfrey show.He’s still laughing!less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone

Jesse Tyler Ferguson was more excited to be on The Ellen Show than a kid on Christmas morning. He ran out, danced, and talked too fast. It was positively adorable. I did think he was dressed just a little casual for a national television appearance, but now I know that was the product of a lot of thought.I’m on to you, Ferguson!

On my way to tape @TheEllenShow! I tried on 3 outfits but went w/ a T Shirt & jeans. I am trying to look “effortless” and not too “eager”.less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone

Seth MacFarlane is a man without filters. That’s how he manages to be funny at times, and offensive at others. But I have to admit, I’d watch this show. It would have to be better than The Cleveland Show.

Sexually Progressive Electric Company: “HEYYYYYY YOOOOUUUU BIIIIIIIIS!!!!”less than a minute ago via Echofon

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The shirt may be fake, but the activism was real.

So Simon Pegg foooled me with a Photoshop of Sir Ian McKellen’s shirt when marching in protest of the pope’s state visit to the UK, but that doesn’t mean he’s not funny. I have a feeling Magneto probably wouldn’t be fond of the pontiff either.

Magneto was at the anti-pope rally! That explains why the pope mobile is made from reinforced neo carbon fibre. http://twitpic.com/2pq44xless than a minute ago via TweetDeck

Being out and about exposes you to all sorts of hazards, including aerial attacks. Kal Penn works for the White House, but I guess the bird violated the no-fly zone.

Ok bird, you think you can just drop a deuce on me from way up in the sky & get away with it?Well you can’t!I’m gonna get you back…somehowless than a minute ago via web

I didn’t think they allowed much in the way of firearms in the UK. Beyond hunting with the dogs and the foxes and such. So why was out rugby star Gareth Thomas taking target practice? Off the field he’s always seemed such the pacifist.

Just been shooting my gun in a competition with my mate.60 yards and 3 bullseyes.Im feeling like Jhon Wayne:)less than a minute ago via web

But maybe he was just trying to protect himself from terrifying lizards. Chris Colfer made the mistake of venturing out into nature, and encountered the most frightening reptile I’ve heard of since Godzilla. And I don’t mean that weak remake Godzilla that Matthew Broderick dealt with.

Just saw a huge lizard with an eye patch, a hook, and possibly a criminal record. This is why I don’t hike.less than a minute ago via ÜberTwitter

Of course, there are bullies in everyone’s life, and you run into them whenever you leave the house. It doesn’t matter how big and muscular you are, there’s always someone bigger. It turns out 90210’s Trevor Donovan is something of a bully, but only of small cars that are easy on their environment.

Every time I see one of those little smart cars I feel like i should beat it up and take its lunch moneyless than a minute ago via Twitter for Android

Neil Patrick Harris probably doesn’t like bullies, so he spends his evenings at the happiest place on earth, Disneyland. He was hosting a program about building the first animatronic Disney characters. Important because these are the forerunners of our future robot overlords. Which I guess are the bullies of the future. So wevre come full circle.

Scratch that. This event is kick ass fantastic. Old footage of the making of Disney audio animatronics figures from the 60s. Very very rad.less than a minute ago via Twitterrific

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The props on some shows must make it like a playground.

Eddie McClintock is a big kid trapped in a sexy man’s body. And we do appreciate both sides to the actor, and him being such a good sport as we objectify him. We hope this tweet was about his trip through the prop room, and not in response to our good natured teasing.

Behind the Scenes: I Want My Mummy! (Buried) #WAREHOUSE13 http://twitpic.com/2qejyqless than a minute ago via Twitpic

The hunky Cheyenne Jackson wasn’t just revisiting his past on Glee with his Hello, Kitty backpack. He was also having a dishy lunch with the hot Mormon mammas he went to school with.

Just had lunch with my ex-girlfriend and her three best friends. Four hot Mormon housewives with 17 kids between them and moi. Surreal.less than a minute ago via web

True Blood’s Denis O’Hare is a busy man, between the new play he’s rehearsing, raising money for the Ali Forney Center, and ripping the spines of news anchors out. (May we suggest a visit to the Fox News?) So perhaps he’s neglected his Twitter account. He’s certainly taking heat for how he manages it. But he seems to find the sunny side to anything.

I was told yesterday that I don’t know how to tweet…given that Sarah Palin is said to be a master at it, I”ll take it as a complimentless than a minute ago via web

I’m not as behind this use of Twitter that Christopher Gorham seems excited about. Anything can be taken too far, and I think the line for Twitter is several miles back from using it this way in school. Whatever happened to "not less that five single spaced pages with no more than one inch margins?"

The 8th Graders at my son’s school are Tweeting their book reports this week! I kind of <3 how they’re utilizing new media.less than a minute ago via Echofon

When I was younger, I remember the fad for the "Baby On Board" signs, and all of the mutations the trend took on, many of which were obscene. They were the logical forerunners of Truck Nutz. But what happens when you start mixing dumb vehicle decorations? Chris Colfer knows.

Just saw a truck with silhouetted women mud flaps and a “Baby on Board” bumper sticker. Need I say more?less than a minute ago via web

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The sun wasn’t the only thing that was hot.

NBA legend John Amaechi gets to travel and make speeches these days. And it looks like some of those speeches take him to sunny locales with palm trees where he can sit in the sun and collect his thoughts before speaking.

Finally relaxing in the sun pre-speech! http://plixi.com/p/45395854less than a minute ago via Echofon

I think that Westlife’s Mark Feehily is on to something here with his casting ideas. I’m not sure we ever had a James Bond quite as young as this, but think how long he could stay with the franchise. Plus, with the way MGM is handling their finances he might be in his forties before they start production on the next film anyhow.

Still think Nicholas Hoult should be the next James Bondless than a minute ago via Echofon

One of the best things about Alec Mapa is that he keeps an open mind about everything. That makes him likeable and adaptable.

I don’t think I hate anyone . But I’ve been wrong before. #BoycottTargetless than a minute ago via Echofon

Wil Wheaton may have had a sad dog when he saw the suitcase, but his cat has much more interesting things on its mind. And for once it’s not new ways to "keel hoomanz." This time, the cat seems utterly amused and happy. Someone call a vet!

Cat: DOOD LOOK AT THIS! Me: Yeah, it’s a ping pong ball. Cat: BEST TOY EVAR! Me: Better than the empty box? Cat: OMG PUT IT IN THE BOX!less than a minute ago via web

Nurse Jackie’s Peter Facinelli always seems to blur the line between his personal life and the roles he plays in television and movies. I’m not sure that’s healthy. And depending on how sick he is, it could be downright dangerous.

Been in bed all day nursing a cold. Or I guess with me it would doctoring a cold.less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone

And because I like to leave you with pleasant thoughts, Russell Tovey tweeted a good nite to the world, and managed to share exactly what he was wearing to bed at night. I’ll leave the details to your imaginations.

Bed time for Tovey.. Umbro shorts and tomorrows lines.. Night xxless than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone

Thanks for joining us, and we’ll be back next week with a new batch of tweets hot off the presses for your reading enjoyment.


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