Celebrities Take On the Latest Epidemic: Condom Snorting

Ellen Degeneres, Kanye West, Justin Long, and Olivia Munn come together for America’s youth.

If you were unaware, the latest fad among the young set is condom snorting. Yes, they snort a condom up their nose and take it out of their mouth. Our guess, some enterprising condom company astroturfed this fad.

Regardless, it’s all the rage on YouTube. Of course, snorting condoms is a gateway activity that will no doubt lead to snorting trash bags and dry cleaning bags, which we all know are suffocation risks. (But should make Hefty and Hoover ecstatic.)

Thankfully, celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres, Olivia Munn, Justin Long, and Kanye West are here for the youth of America and have come together to confront this latest public health hazard in a new PSA.

If you’re unaware of condom snorting, feel free to search YouTube, but not while eating breakfast.

Silly kids, condoms are for a totally different kind of fun!

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