Chad Michaels Recaps “RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 4: RuVealed,” Episode 5

Snatch Game!!!

We asked Chad Michaels to recap tonight’s episode of “RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 4: RuVealed.”

Let’s Ru-Cap the Snatch Game Challenge from RPDRS4 Kiddies!!

This is of course the coveted challenge on RPDR that separates the men from the boys and highlights one of the oldest professions on earth. No, not prostitution, Celebrity Impersonation!!


Everybody isn’t able but the girls on S4 turned out one of the most memorable and controversial Snatch Games in RPDR Herstory!! 

Sharon taking on the role of Michelle Visage was edgy and groundbreaking! Sharon literally confronted one of our beloved judges with her own tits and cackle!! Not to mention that fakey-foamy nose she nipped from my makeup kit! Oh Spooky!! 

sharon michelle

Willam was a vapid vision as Jessica Simpson and Latrice Royale as Aretha really satisfied. Everyone banged Milan for her Diana Ross but honestly I’ve seen worse.

Phi Phi’s Lady Gaga was the least of our problems that day because lurking in the bottom row of Snatch Game S4 was big trouble in a little package! Kenya Michaels as Beyonce’ went completely off her meds and Jiggly Caliente as Snooki  followed up by body slamming every last celebrity in the bottom row! Poor Baby Dida Ritz as Wendy Williams caught in the middle!! 

What a mess and was Latrice MAD!!! I was too focused on winning this challenge to let all the F*****Y, as Latrice put it, throw me off! I gave good Cher that day and our fabulous guest judges Loretta Divine and my beloved Ross Matthews had my back! Especially Ross who really went to bat for me and I will forever love him for that. 

chad gif

Mother Ru made a dream come true when I won the Snatch Game challenge as Cher, serving you Giraffe Realness on the runway and giving Willam side eye!!

 Unfortunately the Lip Sync For Your Life battle saw lots of tears from everyone as Milan and Kenya duked it out on the runway!  Milan, serving Janelle Monae the house down, sent Kenya home, for the moment…

The aftermath the next day in the workroom was brutal.  That was REAL folks. Latrice broke it down for the girls like a boss, serving integrity with a side of truth!  When she smacked that table I jumped and so did everyone else!


All’s well that ends well and every one learned a valuable lesson: Don’t mess with Latrice, Henny!!! This is Chaddy M. signing off from the RPDRS4 Snatch Game, the season with the worst teeth and the biggest heart!!! 

All love Babes!!!