Chandler Massey Wins Third Daytime Emmy Award, Endures Epic F*ck-Up

You know, you dream about a moment like this watching a live awards show, and when it happens, you don’t know what to say.

One of those moments happened tonight during The 41st Daytime Emmy Awards.

But let’s go back a bit, to the Red Carpet pre-show, which was such a clusterf*ck of bad cues, missed lines, and giggling presenters, I was convinced everyone involved must have thought it a dress rehearsal. In the closing moments, someone shouted out “Sorry if my nipples fell out.” I was hoping it was Chandler Massey, but he was a no-show before the program (and if the red carpet seemed rushed, it was probably because they had to get it back to Crazy Ray’s Rug Rentals before 10 PM)

That’s how … low budget … this show was. Another clue? When the show started and Kathy Griffin began her monologue, the livestream screen remained black for at least two minutes, while someone in the background continued to talk about nipples. So Nipples In the Dark was our introduction the the first online presentation of the Daytime Emmys.

Kathy was her usual pro self, tossing off zingers about previous Daytime Emmy shows (remember last year when HLN’s Robin Meade sang a couple of songs during the show? Yeah, I had suppressed it, too).

The show got off to a great start with the announcement of Supporting Actor, which went to Days Of Our Lives’ star Eric “Brady Smooth” Martsolf. And the nipple theme continues

But what happened next will go down in the Awards Show F*ck Up Hall Of Fame. As Aisha Tyler and Sara Gilbert announce the nominees for Outstanding Younger Actor, clips of the nominees play, and when they get to Chandler’s Emmy Reel … this happens.

That’s not Chandler Massey.

That’s Guy Wilson, who replaced Chandler in the role of Will Horton after Chandler left the show after controversial circumstances.

How does something like this happen? The shows submit their own clips, but it’s hard to believe Days Of Our Lives would do this on purpose, right? Right?

Anyway, the envelope is opened, and sweet jeebus, Chandler wins for the the third consecutive year. And here’s where it gets even better. He’s seated as far back in the auditorium as one can be without being bathed in the glow of the Fire Exit sign.

Then he makes the long journey to the stage, which takes so long, Eric Martsolf has time for another full body waxing.

Finally, he arrives on stage, and without missing a beat, says “Did you see my reel? That was awesome!”

Major kudos to Chandler for taking it all in stride, and having the last laugh.

After that epic moment, it was a pretty dull slog, but The Ellen Show did win again for talk show (Thankfully they didn’t show a clip from the Rosie O’Donnell Show instead).

The other great news was Lead Actress, and the deserved win of the faboo Eileen Davidson as wackadoodle Kristen on Days. Did you know she’s married to Vince Van Patten? Seth from Hell Night Vince Van Patten! A VAN PATTEN Van patten!

And Guy Wilson was Eileen’s biggest supporter in the crowd. Can we possibly hope for some Kristen/WilSon interaction when Eileen returns to the show? PLEASE?

Speaking of Guy, he had a message for everyone after the show …

And a few minutes later, added this …

Oh, and for some reason Casey Moss was wearing a Good Humor jacket with half a track suit.

What did you think?

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