Check Out Channing Tatum’s Favorite YouTube Videos!

channing tatumChanning Tatum is some kind of weird chimera. One half socially-conscious bundle of muscles, one half indolent frat boy monster, the Magic Mike star has become a kind of kind-hearted self-parody. After the major Sony leak revealed classified internal documents of Channing Tatum’s lack of e-mail decorum, it is becoming abundantly clear that the well-toned celeb personality is defined largely by well-intentioned buffoonery.

Another example of this would be his recently revealed YouTube video curation. The super-sleuths over at Gawker have tracked down Tatum’s personal YouTube account (linked to the aforementioned leaked email address) and have posted the four bookmarked vids.

Even though this information is essentially public, the exposure of a person’s favorite online videos seems like an oddly personal attack. Then again, if someone leaked my favorite videos all they’d end up seeing are FKA Twigs music videos and Street Fighter IV combo tutorials.

So, what does Tatum enjoy watching? Well, pretty much the same garbage that everyone enjoys watching: music for sexy times and bare-knuckle boxing footage. Wait, what?

Below, check out Tatum’s personal selection of YouTube treats. The last one, “Damian Walters Showreel 2009” is particularly cool:

h/t: Gawker

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