Channing Tatum Is The Last Straight Man On Earth In Sci-Fi Thriller “The Forever War”

Warner Bros. has just snatched up The Forever War, an adaptation of the classic sci-fi novel by Joe Haldeman, with Channing Tatum set to star.
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The film follows William Mandella, a young student enlisted by Earth’s leaders to help fight the alien Taurans. But his travels through space create a time distortion, meaning while only a few years passes for William, centuries go by on Earth. When he returns home, he doesn’t recognize the planet, which now has one homogenous race and a new language and values.

Also new: Overpopulation has led to heterosexually being outlawed.

As the leader of an elite squad of gay soldiers, William is distrusted because he’s straight and doesn’t speak the language. He’s also determined to find his one true (female) love, MaryGay.

The forever war

The Forever War was written in 1974—will the metaphor of homosexuality representing totalitarianism stay in the story when it makes it’s transition to the screen? We’ll have to wait and see.

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