Channing Tatum: ‘People’ Sexiest Man Alive 2012

channing tatum sexiest man alive

Hello you fine, fine man.

People sure as hell got it right this year, naming the hot as sh*t Channing Tatum their 2012 Sexiest Man Alive. Now dance for us Channing! Dance!

2012 has of course been a huge year for Channing’s career, with the actor officially joining the A-list ranks after writing, starring in and producing the wildly successful Magic Mike, which has so far grossed over $110 million domestically on a $7 million budget. He also scored big with The Vow and 21 Jump Street, a sequel of which is already in the works.

As for 2013, he has Side Effects with Rooney Mara, a new G.I. Joe movie (which is reportedly reshooting to include more of his character after killing him off in the first cut) and White House Down with Jamie Foxx Maggie Gyllenhaal.

It is safe to say this will not be Channing’s last time on the cover.

Now enjoy this gorgeous GIF.

Life is good.

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