Twisted Drag Queen Is Serving Up 100 Insane Looks In 100 Days

"Think Roger the alien meets Anna Nicole Smith."

After making a New Year’s resolution to create 100 sickening looks in 100 days, one drag newbie is keeping his promise in the scariest way possible.

Inspired by RuPaul’s Drag Race All Star Phi Phi O’Hara’s 365 days of drag challenge, London-based artist Harry Whitfield undertook his own experiment with his drag persona, Charity Kase.

Each day, Whitfield develops a new character for Charity, most of which embody the 20-year-old’s penchant for the dark and terrifying.

Day 55 #100daysofdrag She dug her nails deep into her porcelain chest and violently tore open the flesh. Reaching deep inside her body she dragged out a demonic infant. Her body torn asunder but her soul as one. Who could have predicted the outcome of an exorcism? Used: @kryolanuk tv paint stick, @mehronuk clown white, red grease paint, liquid latex and stage blood, @givefacecos loose pigment in Harlot, liquid lip base and highlighter In Lacey, @urbandecaycosmetics eyeshadow pallet, @katvondbeauty tattoo liner, @nyxcosmeticsuk_cheek contour duo pallete and milk jumbo eye pencil, @stargazerproducts pressed white powder and glitters. Thanks to @tuttiifruittiilondon for my hair! #demonbaby #100daysofmakeup #dragqueen #londondrag #clubkid

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“I wanted to be amazing at makeup and I really enjoy creating characters, costumes and concepts so I thought what better way to push my abilities,’ he told Gay Star News.

“I don’t feel like we do very similar things with our work,” Whitfield said of his and O’Hara’s projects. “I remember thinking that most days she wore a cosplay costume and the same makeup as the day before, whereas I’m trying to create a whole new character every day. No shade though: I was really impressed with her challenge.”

“It’s difficult to describe as it changes on a daily basis,” Whitfield said of his aesthetic. “Think Roger the alien meets Anna Nicole Smith. I love blood and gore, I’m often inspired by horror or sci-fi movies.”

“I think its really interesting to see the contrast between the sweet and pretty girls I create, and their twisted macabre sisters.”

With just over a month left on this challenge, Whitfield’s not sure what Charity Kase’s next adventure will be, but is hoping she’ll “lose her appetite for expensive shoes.”

Check out all of the spooky looks on his Instagram, here.

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